Sculpted Cake Designs

Sculpted Cake Designs

Sculpted Cake Design

Here are some of my custom sculpted cake designs with links to their associated tutorials, books and instructional videos.

3D Ancient Monuments Cake

Ancient Monuments Cake

This custom sculpted wedding cake was designed to look like replicas of ancient monuments including the Colosseum, the Parthenon, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. The bottom two tiers were frosted with smooth buttercream then decorated with modeling chocolate and piped chocolate. The top tier was made of gingerbread cookies and royal icing.

View more photos of this cake here:
3D Ancient Monuments Cake

Ancient Monuments Cake

3D Grand Piano Wedding Cake

Grand Piano Cake
This ivory grand piano wedding cake was wrapped in modeling chocolate and decorated with piped chocolate and gold dust. A link to access the free tutorial including instructions on how to build the raised stand with legs is below.

Read: Piano Cake Tutorial
Piano Cake Tutorial

3D Koi Fish Cake

Koi Fish Cake Tutorial

This 3D sculpted kio fish cake was decorated in modeling chocolatepiped chocolate, and gumpaste.

Read: Koi Fish Cake Tutorial
Koi Fish Cake Tutorial

3D Pig Cake

3D Pig Cake Tutorial

This 3D sculpted pig cake was decorated in modeling chocolatechocolate glazechocolate buttercream, chocolate chip dirt and bonbons.

Read: 3D Pig Cake Tutorial
3D Pig Cake Tutorial

3D Motorbike Cake

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

This 3D sculpted motorbike birthday cake was decorated with modeling chocolatechocolate glazechocolate buttercream, and chocolate chip dirt. It was finished with piped chocolate Happy Birthday cake writing.

Read the 3D Motorbike Tutorial 3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

3D Car Cake

3D Car Cake Sculpting Tricks

This 3D sculpted car cake was frosted with  buttercream then decorated with modeling chocolate and the piped chocolate dripping effectThe wheels were dipped in chocolate glaze and the figurines were made from gumpaste.

Read: 3D Car Cake Tutorial 3D Car Cake Sculpting Tricks

3D Ferry Boat Wedding Cake

3D Boat Cake Tutorial

This 3D sculpted wedding cake was designed to look like a ferry boat with American flags. It was frosted with smooth buttercream then decorated with modeling chocolate, piped chocolate, malt balls and Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Rolled Wafers.

Step-by-Step instructions can be found here: Ferry Boat Cake Tutorial
3D Boat Cake Tutorial

 3D Hamburger Cake

Hamburger Cake Tutorial This 3D sculpted hamburger cake was decorated with modeling chocolate lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles, chocolate buttercream, and nuts.

Read: How to Make a 3D Burger Cake
Hamburger Cake Tutorial

Dia de los Muertos Cake

Modeling Chocolate Blossom Flowers

This dia de los Muertos 3D sculpted skull cake was frosted with smooth buttercream then decorated with modeling chocolate, fondant, piped chocolate, and whittled almond teeth.

Read: 3D Skull Cake Tutorial
How to Make a Skull Cake by Wicked Goodies

3D Fish Face Cake

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

This 3D fish face cake was decorated with modeling chocolate and buttercream frosting.

Read the: 3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial
3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

Zoo Animal Cupcakes

Baby Zoo Animal Cupcakes

This baby zoo animal cupcakes were decorated with smooth chocolate and vanilla buttercreammodeling chocolate, and piped chocolate. Here are the links for the tutorials on elephants, duckies, giraffes, and lions.

Read the 4-PART Zoo Animal Cupcake Tutorial Series
Baby Zoo Animal Cupcakes

3D Paintball Gun Cake

Paintball Gun Cake with Gumballs

This 3D sculpted paintball gun cake was frosted in smooth buttercream, wrapped and decorated with modeling chocolate. It was then finished with a piped chocolate Happy Birthday inscription and gumballs in splattered pools of melted chocolate.

Get the Modeling Chocolate Recipes
Modeling Chocolate Recipe

3D Parking Meter Cake

Parking Meter Cake

This 3D sculpted parking meter cake was frosted with smooth buttercream, wrapped in modeling chocolate then decorated with piped chocolate trim, and piped chocolate inscription.

Read: Chocolate Cake Writing Tutorial
Chocolate Cake Writing Video Tutorial

3D Artist’s Palette Cake

Artist's Palette Cake

This 3D artist’s palette birthday cake was carved the frosted with smooth chocolate buttercream and dollops of colored buttercream. It was then decorated with sculpted modeling chocolate paintbrush/tubes of paint and finished with a piped chocolate Happy Birthday inscription.

Get the recipes: Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting
Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Sculpted Cake Design

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