Duck Cupcake Tutorial

Baby Duck Face Cupcakes

Items Needed

Google Chocolate Eyeballs InstructionsBaby Zoo Animal Cupcakes

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Roll out the light and dark orange modeling chocolate to 1/16″ thickness using a plastic rolling pin or pasta machine.

2. Using a craft utility knife, cut and the duck heads out of the light orange modeling chocolate.

Baby Duck Face Cupcakes
3. With a 1” diameter round cutter, cut circles out of the dark orange modeling chocolate.

4. Gently pinch the circle with 3 fingers to form a ‘beak.’

Baby Duck Face Cupcakes

5. Assemble the heads, place them on top of the cupcakes

6. Add the tuft of a crown by piping a squiggle of yellow buttercream through a petal tip.

How to Make Duck Cupcakes by Wicked Goodies
I use these recipes
Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Baby Duck Face Cupcakes

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Baby Zoo Animal Cupcakes

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Baby Zoo Animal Cupcakes


Duck Cupcake Tutorial — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve just Pinned your image of the duck cupcakes on one of my Pinterest boards.
    I’ve put a link to your page, but of course if you let me know you’d rather I take it down I will do so as soon as I hear from you. Regards Fiona
    ( I had a lot of people re-pin my image of an easily-made child’s craft duck and thought this followed a theme!