11 Layer Cake Filling Recipes

11 Layer Cake Filling Recipes

This is a continuation of the article, Streamlined Layer Cake Filling Menu.

Cake Filling Recipes

All 11 of the cake filling ideas listed here are use these two buttercream frosting recipes as their base.

Buttercream Base Recipes Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes

This is an example of a streamlined cake menu that you can use to help boost the productivity of your bakery business.

Streamlined Cake Filling Menu Streamlined Cake Filling Menu 11 Layer Cake Filling Variations

#1 Stable Cream Cheese Cake Filling
Cream Cheese Filling Recipe
#2 Strawberry & Cream Cake Filling Strawberries and Cream Cake Filling Recipe #3 Summer Fruit Cake Filling
Summer Fruit Cake Filling Recipe #4 Cookies & Cream Cake Filling
Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe #5 Lemon Pucker Cake Filling
Lemon Pucker Cake Filling Recipe #6 Raspberry & Cream Cake Filling
Raspberries and Cream Cake Filling #7 Crunchy Turtle Cake Filling
Crunchy Turtle Cake Filling Recipe #8 Chocolate Raspberry Cake Filling
Chocolate Raspberry Cake Filling Recipe #9 Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Filling
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Filling Recipe #10 Chocolate Cherry Cake Filling Chocolate Cherry Cake Filling Recipe #11 Raspberry Almond Cake Filling Raspberry Almond Cake Filling Recipe

Suggested Cake Filling Method

Layer Cake Filling in the Pan My preferred method for assembling layer cakes is to build them inside the baking pan. I recommend watching the videos and reading this entire tutorial on how to fill cakes in the pan.

Cake Filling Recipes

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Read the Intro: Streamlined Layer Cake Menu
Streamlined Cake Bakery Menu

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11 Layer Cake Filling Recipes — 29 Comments

        • OMG yay! You did Sonic theme! Thank you for sharing a pic of your work. The cake looks superb and your son looks like he knows his mama loves him. Good thing his birthday happened before the apocalypse when ingredients like butter became scarce!

          Christine, I hope you and your loved ones are all hanging in there right now with enough food and funds and TP to carry you through.

  1. I’m loving your filling and frosting recipes – I’ve become very creative since I found your website. After the skull cake I made for Halloween, I made a birthday cake with your chocolate filling, adding peanut butter and crushed Nutter Butter cookies for a different “cookies and cream” filling. Then I topped the frosted cake with diced candied bacon. It was great.

    For the holidays, I want to make a gingerbread cake with a cream cheese/pumpkin/cinnamon filling. I found out the hard way with the peanut butter to be careful how much I add to your filling – even in the food processor, too much peanut butter made it clump.

    Do you have any suggestions about quantities when adding things like pumpkin or peanut butter to your recipe – or is it all trial-and-error?

    • I LOVE your Nutter Butter idea. Unfortunately I have not tried peanut butter due to the allergy concern. That’s interesting to learn that it clumps. You might want to try thinning it out a little with some buttercream before you add it to the whole.

      As for pumpkin, I would avoid adding it to the buttercream (it works better in cake) and that would pair nicely with a buttercream flavored with pumpkin spice.

      As for quantities, you’ll have to taste to find out 🙂

  2. Is your vanilla buttercream recipe in your book – cake decorating with modeling chocolate the same as the one you keep referring to in your smooth butter cream frosting ebook?

    Sorry this may be a dumb question but when you refer to the creamcheese buttercream ratio 1 part buttercream 1 part cream cheese. Is that basicaly ounces for ounce or One buttercream batch to one package cream cheese?

    • Yes it’s the same two recipes. The difference is that in the buttercream book, there are videos and extensive instructions on how to frost using that recipe.

      1:1 proportions means equal volume of each so yes, you want to match them up by pounds or ounces.

      • Thank you very much for letting me know. I ended up just purchasing your ebook. I was anxious to see it anyways! My cakes were raved about! Thank you so much! They turned out great!

  3. I love these recipes but where is the vanilla buttercream recipe wich is base for others????
    Also do you have a cake batter recipe?

  4. Have you ever done something with peanut butter? The bride wants something with peanut butter and I was thinking about your raspberry almond filing with peanut butter instead. I could use some ideas, thanks!

    • The first thing that always springs to mind when I think of peanut butter is peanut butter ganache. It’s been a long time since I’ve made this but I’m sure the recipe is still good. Make sure to use high quality chocolate for the best flavor.
      10 oz milk chocolate
      10 oz dark chocolate
      2/3 cup smooth peanut butter
      1 cup heavy cream
      1 cup sugar
      2 Tablespoon butter
      Heat the heavy cream, butter and sugar and stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Bring the liquid to a simmer. Leave a wooden spoon across the top of the pot so it does not boil over. Watch closely as cream rises when boiled. Once simmering, remove from heat. Pour the liquid mixture over the chocolate and peanut butter and let it all sit for a minute so the heat starts to melt the chocolate. Stir until smooth. For a lighter ganache, you can also whip it to incorporate air.

  5. Hello a quick question to ask 1st I love your work . wanted to know what size pans are you using in this tutorial.. and do you sell pans on your website. And also what brand do you use to make your buttercream with

  6. Hi may I ask you if I can make double the ingredients of the vanilla or chocolate cake recipe for bigger pan
    I will be very thankful

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