How to Marbleize Modeling Chocolate

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

Modeling chocolate, also known as modelling chocolate, moulding chocolate, or chocolate clay, can be marbled in infinite ways. It’s an easy technique that involves twisting and folding two or more colors together repeatedly. The results may be used to render cloudy sky, churning water, marbled stone, and wood grain looks on cakes. It may be used to add depth and character to flowers and leaves. It may be used as a patterned cake wrap. Here are some more examples of the effects that can be achieved with marbleized modeling chocolate.

White Marble Pentagon Cake Wrap

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

The marbled modeling chocolate finish on this 3D sculpted Pentagon monument cake was created with white and light yellow tones.

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

Brown Marble Colloseum Cake Wrap

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

The marbled modeling chocolate finish and archway decorations on this round Colosseum monument cake were made with brown and white tones.

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

Follow this link to see more photos of the Ancient Monuments Wedding Cake.
Ancient Monuments Cake A Step-by-step tutorial on how to create the ancient monuments cake is in the book Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate.

Candy Cane Red Marble

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

For the best results, all colors of modeling chocolate colors should be of the same consistency when marbling. If one color is more soft than the another, they won’t combine as effectively.

Blue Marble Wrapped Wedding Cake

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

This 3-tier offset square wedding cake was first frosting in smooth buttercream then decorated with blue marbled modeling chocolate panels.

Glass in Motion Effect

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

The windows on this 3D sculpted car cake were made by marbling white, gray and blue-green modeling chocolate together.

Sample my book: Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Marbled Fall Leaves

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

The brown, yellow, green, orange and red modeling chocolate fall leaves on this acorn cake were made using the pattern key below.

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

Marble Patterns Key

Here is a handy reference guide that shows how various combinations of modeling chocolate result in decorative marbled patterns.

Marbled Modeling Chocolate Tutorial

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How to Marbleize Modeling Chocolate — 6 Comments

  1. Hi I just bought your book tonight and I am so excited about it getting to me lol.. I do have a question, could you tell me what Pasta machine you are using in the video above? I have been looking for one, for my modeling Chocolate and I am just not sure what one to buy??

    TY so you much.. Where would my answer be coming to? Here or an e-mail? Would love it in an e-mail, if possible. TY TY

  2. Have your book & love it and all your ideas. Used modeling chocolate just once making roses, and it was so easy. Now maybe it will get me back to using modeling chocolate again!