125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business

125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business

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This kit is designed for ALL of the following kinds of people:

  • Bakers who are serious about running a successful, profitable business.
  • Existing bakery owners who need a turbo boost for their business.
  • Certified home bakers who are aiming to grow.
  • Hobby bakers who are on the path to becoming certified professionals.
  • Future business owners who are in the planning stage of launching bakery.


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Learn More About the Video Tutorials

125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business video tutorials

Thorough, informative food costing lesson segmented into three films:

Video #1
Introduction to Costing & Pricing

  • This video presents the value of food costing and how it is guaranteed to strengthen your business.
  • Learn the three things we do differently when it comes to food costing calculations.
  • Acquaint yourself with the format of the spreadsheet system.
  • Meet your friends, COGS & Margin

Video #2
Costing & Pricing a Simple Product

  • This video walks you through every single stage of a basic costing & pricing example including volume-to-weight conversions.
  • Example used: cookies sold in various quantities at a farmer’s market.
  • Learn how to compare your ingredients & packaging purchasing costs between three different vendors (retail supermarket versus wholesale club versus local distributor). Discover how these differences impact your end price.
  • Learn how to increase production efficiency to lower your cost of goods.
  • Learn how to discard or modify your product concepts to compete with market prices.

Video #3
Costing & Pricing a Complex Product

  • This video tackles the costing & pricing of a product that includes multiple recipe elements & packaging components.
  • Example #1: a two-layer retail style carrot cake with packaging.
  • Example #2: three-tier wedding cake.
  • Example #3: a wholesale style cake sold in corrugated 6-packs by the pallet.

Learn More About the Costing & Pricing Spreadsheets

125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business

Begin costing out your menu items like a professionally trained chef!
Lessons on how to use these spreadsheets are included in the video portion of this kit.

Spreadsheet Features

  • A tried & true system especially designed for bakeries of all sizes.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel (office software) and Google Sheets (free alternative)
  • Scale your recipes with the push of a button!
  • Automatically compute a recommended sale price for nine different styles of bakery operations including retail, wholesale, farmer’s market, home businesses, private label, co-packer, and distributors.
  • Pre-loaded labor rates may be customized to your liking.
  • Pre-loaded price margins may be modified to match your own preferences.
  • Work backwards from your desired sale price to arrive at a compatible cost of goods.

Learn More About the 3.5 Hours of Audio

125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business

Listen while you bake!
Plug your ears into the audio version of the ebook (outlined below) by streaming it on YouTube.
Accelerate your progress by listening repeatedly to the sections that challenge you the most.

Learn More About the 180 Page eBook

125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business eBook
The 180 page ebook covers overs all the fundamentals of running a profitable bakery business, broken down into 125 bite-sized steps. The book is full of visual references, links to handy resources, & exercises to help you accomplish your goals.

Topics Covered

• Analyzing the Marketplace
• Tackling Market Segments
• Brand Development
• Logo Design
• Website Design
• Product Design
• Packaging Design
• Distribution & Transportation
• Cost Analysis
• Raising Investment Capital
• Finances
• Purchasing
• Equipment Recommendations
• Operating Logistics
• Production Efficiency
• Marketing Strategies



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125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business

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125 Building Blocks for Your Bakery Business — 5 Comments

  1. Hi guys! I’m having a hard time purchasing the e-book or any of the downloadable materials. Would anybody be able to direct me to the right to make the purchase. I’m so ready to get started with starting my bakery business.

  2. Hello, my name is Litzandra and I being learning about baking for a few years now thru books, youtube videos and a lot of practice…but late me tell you something… this book is amazing, Kristen did not left nothing out. She talks about everything in this book. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will put all your knowlegde into practice litle by litle, until I turn into another Kristen.

  3. Hi my name is Sarah Sparks and I live in Grover, CO. I am 12 years old. I started baking my treats since I was 5, but I have a problem. I am doing a project in school for a business class. I have no clue how to start our own business. My mom is also trying to help. I was hoping maybe you could help me because she has no clue.

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