Kristen Coniaris

Kristen Coniaris

I am a former pastry chef with 17 years of experience working in the food industry specializing in kitchen management, product development and custom cake art. I’ve constructed over one thousand wedding & sculpted cakes plus some giant award-winning gingerbread houses. My Professional Chef degree is from the CSCA. I’ve published seven books about dessert craft & the business of baking. New to my work? Start here.


Wicked Goodies

Etymology of Wicked Goodies

In Massachusetts, the massholes say wicked a lot.

“The clam chowda is wicked hot.”
“The Pats are wicked pissah.”
“I’m wicked sick of shovelin’ snow.” 

Based on the masshole dialect, the word means very, so Wicked Goodies, translated literally, means extra good desserts. According to alternative dialects, wicked also means naughty as a fornicake, gluttonous as Augustus Gloop, and fantastical as a giant gingerbread sandcastle.

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