Erotic Cake Designs

Here are some of the naughty erotic cakes from my dessert portfolio including links to related tutorials.

This page is for mature audiences only

Fornicake Erotic Cake Designs

3D Boob Cake

Breast Wishes Boob Cake

This double D breast cake was frosted with smooth buttercream and decorated with a pink ombre ruffled bra made of modeling chocolate.

Read the Breast Wishes Cake Tutorial
3D Boob Cake Tutorial

3D Butt Cake

Booty Cake Tutorial

This sculpted booty cake with big butt cheeks was frosted with smooth buttercream and decorated with camouflage patterned boy shorts underwear made of modeling chocolate.

Read the Booty Cake TutorialBooty Cake Tutorial

Wee Cock Cake

Wee Cock Penis Cake

This miniature pecker cake was enrobed in chocolate glaze with a piped ganache shell border. The tiny edible cocks in a flacid, erect and ejaculating state were sculpted out of marzipan. The pubes were made of crushed dark chocolate. The chunky, spunky edible cum decorating the itty bitty dicks was made from skim milk thickened with gelatin. The cum also dotted the ‘i’ in birthday and the point on the exclamation point of the piped white chocolate Happy Birthday inscription. This erotic birthday cake had enough wee cocks to serve one per slice. The pecker with the pink tip was formed around a wick to make a birthday candle.

Watch my Happy Birthday Cake Writing Video Tutorial
Chocolate Cake Writing Video Tutorial

Giant Dick Cake

Penis Cake Decoration Tutorial

This 3D sculpted bachelorette party penis cake was frosted with smooth buttercream, and piped chocolate veins. The edible pubic hair was made of white chocolate shaved with a vegetable peeler. The piped chocolate writing was incorporated into the design as part of the edible cum.

Get my Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting Recipes
Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Blow Job Cake

3D Blow Job Cake

This 3D sculpted blow job cake was frosted with smooth buttercream and a modeling chocolate cock with piped chocolate pubes. The Love & Hap-Penis cake writing inscription was made with piped chocolate.

Read my Chocolate Cake Writing TutorialChocolate Cake Writing Video Tutorial

Ol’ Ball & Chain Penis Cake

Penis Cake Decoration Tutorial

This quarter sheet cake was frosted with smooth buttercream and decorated with a 3D standing cock topper made of modeling chocolate. The edible pubes were made of shaved chocolate. To learn more about how to make an erect penis, follow the link below.

VIDEO: How to Make a Chocolate Cock Topper
Penis Cake Decoration Tutorial

Titty Fuck Cake

3D Titty Fuck Cake

The full sphere cake breasts on this titty fuck cake were frosted with smooth buttercream and modeling chocolate nipples. The 3D cock was made of dark modeling chocolate with vermicelli pubes. Here are links to my tutorials on how to create the edible dick decoration and the boob cakes.

 Get the Modeling Chocolate Recipes
Modeling Chocolate Recipe

Make a Wish and Blow Cock Cake

Penis Cake Decoration Tutorial

This chocolate cock cake was enrobed with chocolate glaze and decorated with a giant edible marzipan dick garnished with shaved chocolate pubes. Follow this link to learn more: How to Make a Chocolate Cock Topper Video Tutorial

Get the Chocolate Glaze Recipe
Chocolate Glaze Recipe

3D Vagina Cake

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial
This 3D sculpted pussy cake was decorated with buttercream frosting,  modeling chocolate, sugar syrup, and chocolate shaving pubes.

Read: How to Make a Vagina Cake
3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

Fornicake Erotic Cake Designs

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Erotic Cake Designs — 13 Comments

  1. Hi,I did a boom and penis today for d first time and with d little idea people like it. But I know the best is yet to come. Thanks for the highlight.

  2. Hey i’m interested in buying a ejaculating penis cake for my cousin’s bachelorette party. Email me back for the details!

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