Vagina Cake Tutorial

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial
Snatch, hooey, hoo-ha, cooter, box, fur burger, honey pot, vagoo, or whatever you wanna call it. Behold the vagina cake, a truly underrated dessert centerpiece. Why don’t we make vagina cakes all the time? Just think about the face-planting potential and jokes to be made about eating pussy for dessert. Twat? Are you offended by this topic? Sorry, I cunt hear you.

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

Anatomy of a Vagina Cake

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

This is a relatively easy 3D cake shape to bake because it’s basically just a round mound. This particular cake was baked in an egg pan but you could also make it out of a half sphere cake or in a basic cylinder shaped pan. Vajayjays come in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, so here is your chance to be creative. As long as the cake is rounded or looks like a pink taco, it should work.

Chocolate Labia, Clitorus and Anus

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

The main components of the outer female anatomy are the labia, a.k.a. choco-lips, which in this case were made of strips of pink modeling chocolate rolled and thinned at the edges just like rose petals. The choco-clit was made out of a round pearl of modeling chocolate although any kind of candy or a cherry would do. The A-hole was made of a thicker modeling chocolate O-ring embossed a few times with the tip of butter knife so it would look like a puckered up balloon knot.

Here are my instructions for
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

Frosting the Vagina Cake

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

The surface of the cake was frosted with smooth vanilla buttercream tinted pink with a little natural beet juice. A darker layer of pink buttercream was blended into the surface using an offset spatula to give the vagina cake a healthy-looking blush. I frosted this cake haphazardly, deliberately leaving spatula marks to honor the natural asymmetry of the poonani, which has an abundance of ripples and folds.

For a darker skin tone, add more cocoa powder or chocolate buttercream to the base color.

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

More Features of the Vagina Cake

To form the V-hole, bore into the surface of the cake with the larger end of a double-ended ball tool or rounded implement. Arrange the inner choco-lips around the V-hole, planting them firmly into the buttercream frosting. It helps to do this before the buttercream has had a chance to fully set on the cake.

To make the P-hole, use the smaller end of a double-ended ball tool, boring at a 45° angle into the frosting, angled up towards the pubic landing strip.

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

Here are my Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Confectionery Cum

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

No fornicake is truly complete without a little edible cum. Here is one recipe that is particular sweet and liquidy. This should be applied to the cake at the last possible minute since it’s so sticky and wet. It’s better to do this after transport if possible.

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

Confectionery Cum Recipe

  • 1 teaspoon of confectioner’s sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon of corn syrup or glucose

Combine the powdered sugar and syrup until they are well mixed and cloudy white. Paint the inner and outer choco-lips with this mixture then drizzle some more into the V-hole so that there’s a little pool in there.

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

Vagina Cupcakes

Vagina Cupcakes

Here are some fabulous vagina cupcakes made by Elisabeth Palatiello, owner of But a Dream Cakes. Note how she depicts the clitoris using a maraschino cherry garnished with toasted coconut pubic hair. Pause to contemplate her clever use of bacon as beef curtains. Celebrate the genetic diversity of the vagina, as portrayed by this exceptionally gifted cake artist. Thank you, Elisabeth from But a Dream Cakes for sharing your genius.

3D Vagina Cupcakes

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Vagina Cake Tutorial


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  1. I’ve been trying to find the perfect idea for my daughters’ 18th, thanks so much. I used to make great cakes but haven’t been 100% and was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull off her request. The basic butter cream with moulded chocolate is perfect! Thanks so so so much! We will be doing a decoy cake for the extended family and this will be for the fearless close friends.

  2. You are so talented!! i really enjoyed watching your tutorial on how to make vagina cakes, will do this in my next displays…great work!!

    • WoW! So Delicious… I love all types of Vagina cupcakes.

      Please Anyone who has a method of preparing the Vagina cupcakes, Send me to my WhatsApp number is:

  3. You are a trip and i love you work. Thank for making me laugh today! The text you’ve used to describe the cake is hilarious! Thanks for teaching all of us so many great skills. You are indeed Wickedly Talented!

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