Cake Sales Kit

Cake Sales Kit

Cake Bakery Sales Kit
Carve out more time for baking and decorating by organizing your growing specialty cake business with this comprehensive bundle of bakery sales tools. Keep track of all pertinent details, streamline your quote efficiency, and take your professionalism to the next level. Contents include:

  • 40-page eBook, Cake Tasting Tactics: How to Consult with a Client and Clinch the Sale
  • Official Cake Contract and Order Form in print and editable formats
  • 38 Cake Sketching Templates
  • 12 Cake Servings Charts
  • 12 Stacked Cake Sizer Charts
  • 5 Cake Disclaimer Forms
  • Preliminary Cake Quote Form in print and editable formats
  • 2 Cake Customer Checklists


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How to Conduct a Cake Tasting Consultation

Cake Tasting Tactics

How to Consult with a Client and Clinch the Sale

This 40-page PDF eBook contains a wealth of knowledge on how to conduct a successful cake tasting consultation and maximize your chances of winning business. From screening clients to educating clients to negotiating the price of wedding and specialty cakes, everything you need to know about bakery sales appointments is included. The tips in this eBook will help you do business like a pro! ISBN #978-0-9886454-5-5

 Sales Kit Forms

38 Cake Sketching Templates

Cake Sketches
Sketches take time that could be better spent making actual cakes! For generating fast, professional-looking cake sketches, these printable templates include two master combinations plus individual, full-page templates for 2 tiers, 3 tiers, 4 tiers, and 5 tiers in the following cake shapes:

  • Round
  • Round Tapered
  • Topsy Turvy
  • Square
  • Square Offset
  • Square Tapered
  • Square Tapered Offset
  • Octagon
  • Octagon Offset

 12 Cake Servings Charts

Cake Servings Charts
No more guesstimating! This comprehensive set of charts calculates the serving sizes for round, square, tapered round, topsy turvy, and tapered square cakes at 2” (51 mm), 3” (76 mm) and 4” (102 mm) heights. Based on the average wedding cake serving size, this data includes dimensions in both inches and millimeters. The basic round and square charts also list circumferences for measuring the length of ribbon or decorations needed to wrap around the sides of cakes. Files include color-coded print-friendly JPEGs and a master Excel version for editing.

12 Stacked Cake Sizer Charts

Stacked and Wedding Cake Sizing and Pricing Charts
Speed up your phone and email consultation time with this efficient reference tool. Sizer charts generate quick cake quotes in a matter of seconds. Estimate the cost of multi-tiered cakes based on the number of servings or the number of tiers requested by the client. You can also work backwards from the client’s budget to determine what shape and style of cake they can afford. The charts include estimation data for the most popular combinations of 2-tiered, 3-tiered, 4-tiered, and 5-tiered cakes in both square and round with heights of 2”, 3” and 4”. Per-serving costs range in 50 cent increments from $3.00 – $8.00. Files include color coded print-friendly JPEGs and a master Excel version for editing.

Preliminary Cake Quote Form

Get the ball rolling with organized and professional-looking cake quotes. This preliminary form may be used in combination with the cake contract so if the client hires your services, you can easily copy and paste the matching data fields. Files include generic print-friendly PDF, JPEG, and a master Excel version for editing.

Cake Bakery Order and Quote Forms

Cake Contract

Never book a sale without this vital business tool for your bakery or cottage food business. The cake contract simplifies the booking process by documenting the details of your order while establishing clear policies to help avoid loss of income due to customer fraud or cancellations. Files include generic print-friendly PDF, JPEG, and a master Excel version for editing.

5 Cake Disclaimer Forms

Cake Bakery Disclaimer Forms
The client is not always right when it comes to handling their own cake orders! Educate your customers while protecting your earnings. These forms waive your business of liability around common problems that may occur due to unavoidable circumstances. To be used in combination with the cake contract, these editable Word files include:

  • Outdoor Cake Disclaimer
  • Cake Pickup Disclaimer
  • Dark Color Disclaimer
  • Allergy Disclaimer
  • Custom Flavors Disclaimer

Cake Tasting Checklist

Keep track of all pertinent details during your client consultation with this handy checklist. Tips on how to steer the talking points included in these lists are included in the Cake Tasting Tactics eBook. This file is an editable Word document.

Cake Consultation Pre-Screening Checklist

Client Pre-Screening Checklist

Busy bakers can’t afford to give cake samples to every client who asks! Save your time and resources by determining whether or not to accept an appointment using this list of questions that screens clients who may or may not qualify for in-person cake tastings. This file is an editable Word document.


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Cake Bakery Sales Kit

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Cake Sales Kit — 17 Comments

    • Tonya,
      That kind of choice is up to you. In some cases, it may be dependent on the circumstances (i.e. a cake will only yield two layers). There is no universal law when it comes to cake layers.

  1. Dear Kristen, My name is Tonya I have a question or 2 I brought the cake kit I understand everything concerning tiers, but my problem is trying to figure out how to price a 6,8,10,12,14in cake and sheet cakes. Don’t know how to get a price for those cake sizes. when people ask how much do you charged for carrot cake 10in round I don’t know to charged for it w/o giving it away for free. Please help me. Kristen, should I buy cake boss software.

    • I bought the Cake Boss Software and am loving it! It has everything you need, including pricing for the ingredients (which you can adjust)It doesn’t have the sketches that Kristin has, which I think are awesome and extremely helpful.I also really like Kristin’s disclaimers and other forms she has available.

      • Just found the 125 Building Blocks. Wish I would have seen this before I subscribed to Cake Boss. It looks like its very similar, but a better price. It’s on the right side of the screen.

  2. Hi there! Thanks a lot for your very informative guide. I’d wish to order for the cake sales kit and would like to know the cost of it as I’m located in Mumbai, India. I’m keen to also know whether these would be posted or sent online.
    Awaiting your early response regarding the same.

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