Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate


Learn how to wrap a cake in patterned modeling chocolate and say toodaloo to fondant! From behind the scenes of a real bakery operation, this book features the process of sculpting and decorating cakes with a pliable form of chocolate. Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate explores the nougat-like confection that has changed the landscape of cake design. With over 380 color photos and more than 40 tutorials, this book follows the construction of wedding cakes, groom’s cakes, and sculpted cakes all finished in modeling chocolate.

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 List of content:

Recipes for modeling chocolate
How to Make Modeling Chocolate

What to do when modeling chocolate is oily, too hard, dry or crumbly, too soft or too sticky
Recommended tools for modeling chocolate
Modeling Chocolate Tools

How to cover a cake in modeling chocolate
Wrapping a Cake with Modeling Chocolate Using the Paneling Metho

Fairy cake flowers
How to Make Modeling Chocolate Fairy Flowers

Modeling chocolate carnations
Modeling Chocolate Carnations

Authentic chocolate roses Modeling Chocolate Roses

Marbled modeling chocolate
Marbelize Modeling Chocolate

Swag and fabric effects
Zebra Print Modeling Chocolate

Camouflage pattern
Camouflage Modeling Chocolate

3D sculpted fish cake
Fish Cake with Modeling Chocolate

3D sculpted pig cake Pig Cake in Modeling Chocolate

Buttercream recipes & basic frosting techniques
Buttercream Frosting Recipes

Buttercream pearl cascade piping
Buttercream Dot Cascade Pattern

How to color modeling chocolate
How to Color Modeling Chocolate

How to roll modeling chocolate using a pasta machine or commercial sheeter
How to fuse sheets
How to wrap a cake in modeling chocolate
How to Wrap a Cake in Modeling Chocolate

How to wrap a present cake
Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon

Tri-Color Modeling Chocolate Petunias

Fabric roses, ruffles, & pleats
Modeling Chocolate Fabric

Rainbow blanket flowers
Multi-Colored Modeling Chocolate Blanket Flowers

How to inlay patterns  Pattern Inlay Modeling Chocolate

Veined leaves
Modeling Chocolate Leaves and Acorns

Leopard print pattern
Leopard Print Modeling Chocolate

Inlaid stripes, zebra print, and bubble print
Baby Shower Tower Decorated with Modeling Chocolate

Modeling chocolate figurines
Modeling Chocolate Figurines

 Advanced engineering
Advanced Engineering with Modeling Chocolate

Ten Reasons to Buy This Book Ten Reasons to Buy Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate


Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate


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Amazon UK

Amazon Canada


ISBN# 978-0988645400

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

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Modeling Chocolate Tutorials
Modeling Chocolate Tutorials


Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate — 86 Comments

  1. I found your site 2 days ago and I am blown away by the fantastic tutorials, excellent written instructions and fascinated by your amazing talent. I have never worked with modeling chocolate but I am excited to do so and am awaiting your book “Cake Decorating With Modeling Chocolate”. I am confident it will give me the best chance for success. Many thanks and heartfelt gratitude for you.

  2. hi
    i want to buy this book but i m staying in humid climate so will this book has all tips on how to handle modeling chocolate without air condition in humid climate??

    Awaiting 🙂



  3. Hi all. Does this book address the usage of modeling chocolate in a tropical climate? I would like to know before I purchase.


  4. I love this book! It was the first book I bought when I first started learning about modeling chocolate and I still refer back to it. It covers all of the basics and the instructions are clear and concise! This flower and border are made with yummy modeling chocolate.

  5. Who wouldn’t pick up a book with a cute mud covered piggy that is cake???? Beyond just the cuteness, Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate is a haven of information for anyone looking to have a nice, clean look to a cake without the annoyance of fondant or the fear of just leaving icing.
    Tons of great tips and easy to follow walk-through.

  6. I bought this book awhile back on Amazon. It’s awesome! I had no idea modeling chocolate was even an option until I came across this book. I always used fondant or gumpaste. The recipes are great and super easy.

  7. I just LOVE this book! I’ve owned it for a couple of years now and it still never lets me down! I refer to it all the time! It has amazing photos, detailed instructions, tons of ideas that inspire imagination and since I downloaded the electronic version I can take it with me wherever I go without extra baggage! A MUST buy for sure!

  8. I purchased your Modeling Chocolate ebook quite some time ago and would like to now get started using it. I use fondant decorations, but am not that happy with the results. Using modeling chocolate will enable me to be a little more “creative” and try new things. Your ebook will help me do that.
    I have glanced through the book and am amazed at all of the beautiful work you have done. I know I can do this.
    You are amazing and are so generous to share your knowledge and expertise with everyone!
    Thank you so much!!!!

  9. I bought this book and its quickly becoming my favorite, it has lots of neat tricks & tips and pictures that are super helpful! I really wish I’d purchased it sooner. It’s great that they share everything you need to know to complete the projects too, not just to go lookup and find your favorite recipe they give you recipes that work perfectly. Thank you for making such a well written and thoughtful book for us creative minded folks who need it

  10. Hey everyone wanted to pass on a tip in regards to this amazing book. I also like to use Kirsten’s modelling chocolate in a half and half ratio with fondant to create a sculpting clay. I am knew to sculpting but found this to be my favourite medium so far , here is my first ever topper done using this.

  11. A friend sent me a picture of your pig cake on Pintrest and I immediately ordered the book. Can’t wait to try my first cake with modeling chocolate. I know there is a concern of bleeding for layered cakes and toppers – but how many hours in advance can they be put together…if room temperatures remain roughly the same. And can the chocolate writing on a cake be done a day in advance if the cake is stored at room temperature?
    Thanks for your help and new hobby!

    • Room temperature, as long as it’s cool, dry, and out of the sun, is a friendly environment for modeling chocolate. What you want to avoid is prolonged exposure to the cold moistness of the fridge as that can cause modeling chocolate to get sticky so that when it comes back to room temperature, it goes limp.

      Chocolate writing can certainly be done one day in advance. With dark chocolate, you will risk blooming, which is when the chocolate develops an ashy appearance (white spots). The longer the chocolate sits out exposed to the air, the more likely it is to bloom just like an old candy bar. I recommend waiting for as long as you can to add the writing. Also, be careful about not overheating dark chocolate as that will increase the potential for bloom.

  12. Hola ., soy de lima Perú te agradecería si me dijeras ., si lo vende aquí y en español o si no es así en. New york porque pronto voy a ir voy a estar en logn island. Por favor necesito una dirección mil gracias

    • Hi Yariana,
      Thanks! I haven’t measured the yield according to cups so this is just an estimate based on the volume of ingredients: one small recipe makes approximately 9 cups and one large recipe makes approximately 18 cups.

  13. Nevermind …who needs a book when I can download to my phone !!! I needed now and got it ! Amazing thanks..Your decorating skills are unreal!! I have to make a soccer ball and baseball cake this weekend ..Have you done either of those ?

  14. Wow. I am super impressed by your style and skills, as well as your ability to clearly demonstrate your techniques! Your book is a very worthwhile investment for the hobbyist as well as the professional. Thank you!

  15. Hi
    Since messageing you last year(I was funtasia ammanford then)I have opened my own bakery. Thank you for taking the time to look at my facebook page I appreciate that. I was wondering if you were planning on another book? If so when is it going to be out? in the uk hopefully?
    Also I must ask, how did you manage to get so many people on your facebook page. Business is slow as I am based in a little village so any advice would be greatefully recieved.
    Many thanks
    Amanda Morris
    The Daffodil Bakery
    Penybanc, Ammanford, Wales.

    • Hi Funtasia, Congrats on opening your own business! That is a huge accomplishment! I went and liked your page on FB so I’m now following you. As for how to get a lot of followers on FB, I have been maintaining my page for 4 years so time has something to do with it. I also give out a lot of free information and do giveaways so people are attracted to that. I also follow a lot of other bakery pages and make a habit of commenting on their amazing work whenever it makes me feel inspired or in awe, which often leads to a follow back. But most of all, I try to put out good quality material that people will enjoy as I am also in the business of entertaining readers. Good luck with The Daffodil Bakery. The place looks awesome from what I’ve seen on your page! I wish you the best of luck.

  16. I’m trying to purchase your eBook with no success, I’m trying out the modeling chocolate, getting a feel for it. But I can’t find the eBook. Can you help.

  17. I am new to cake decorating and am just doing special cakes for friends and family. In April I made my first decorated cake (a boob cake for a friend’s birthday) and used fondant for the bra decorations. I did not like the texture or taste of it. In June I made a cake for my friend’s baby shower. It was a giraffe theme. I found your web site thanks to Pinterest and your tutorial on modeling chocolate. I sculpted a giraffe cake topper with it and it turned out beautifully and was so delicious. Much better than fondant. My friend was so thrilled and she put the topper in the freezer to keep for her baby 🙂 I just ordered your book from Barnes and Noble online and can’t wait to get it! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise! Your work is beautiful!

  18. Hi Kirsten

    Copy of my book has arrived I’m so thrilled with it and can’t wait to learn all the wonderful tutorials. My big downfall will be the modelling chocolate, no matter which brand I use the results are unsuccessful so any hints and tips will be a bonus. Thank you for compiling this book, for all the free tutorials and for sharing your knowledge.

    • Amajan,
      I’m so glad you got the book! Modeling chocolate can take some time to get used to but once you find that perfect balance of chocolate versus syrup and learn to pace yourself as you work so that the chocolate never gets too warm, it will open up many new doors for you. Thanks for buying my book and happy cake decorating!

  19. I preordered your book and have had it and I think it’s a wonderful reference book to have. Your techniques are very easily followed and your talent is amazing. Needless to say I love your book.

  20. Looks very useful to me, but is this book also available in for example dutch? I hope so, because my english isnt very good.

    Looking foreward to it

    Marian 🙂

    • I found your site 2 days ago and I am blown away by the fantastic tutorials, excellent written instructions and fascinated by your amazing talent. I have never worked with modeling chocolate but I am excited to do so and am awaiting your book “Cake Decorating With Modeling Chocolate”. I am confident it will give me the best chance for success. Many thanks and heartfelt gratitude for you.

  21. I am so excited to see your book will be available to ship to Australia via Book Depository in 21 days!!!!! Am placing my pre order today! Thanks so much, it looks amazing 🙂

  22. I just ordered your book & can’t wait to get it! As soon as it gets here, I’m leaving a review. I also pinned it on Pinterest & posted it on Facebook.

  23. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! I have been wanting to learn to use modeling chocolate for so long.

  24. Is the book available in any bookstores like Barnes & Noble yet? I will order from amazon if not! 🙂 thanks!

    • Not yet. I’m working on it! But it might take a couple of months before I can get it stocked in brick-and-mortar stores. If you want it soon, is the way to go. Thanks for your interest 🙂

  25. This looks like great book!
    Only problem is I can’t get hold of it in the U.K.
    Amazon doesn’t stock it and waterstones has a 2-3 week wait!
    I wish it was available on the kindle.
    Love your work.
    Best wishes

    • Sorry about that. We just got it here in the states 10 days ago. Unfortunately there was a delay plus I am sadly not in control of the overseas distribution…Should be sorted out soon hopefully. Again, apologies for the wait.

  26. Way to go, favorite girl! I’ve loved watching your book develop and am thrilled it’s now actually out. It’s my current bedtime reading – more than delicious.

  27. Just pre-ordered your book. Can’t wait. You were the one who first helped me out when I was just starting to use modeling chocolate. You sent me some great information that I keep in my cake binder. Can’t wait for a whole book filled with your knowledge!

  28. Thank you for this terrific website. Is the US release of your book also May 15, 2013? I know it’s available for presale, but I would like to have it sufficiently in advance of an event on May 24 for which I’ll be making a cake. Thanks again!

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