Ten Reasons to Buy My Book

Ten Reasons to Buy Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate 1
Because modeling chocolate tastes delectable like candy.
Making Modeling Chocolate

2Because modeling chocolate is becoming so popular that every versatile cake artist should know how to work with it.
Rolling Modeling Chocolate3Because the number of things you can do with modeling chocolate are endless.
Chocolate Optical Illusion Cake 4


Because it is the perfect accompaniment to my modeling chocolate resource guide, which includes 30+ tutorials with 10+ instructional videos.

Modeling Chocolate Tutorials


Because years of hard work, research and shenanigans went into the making of this book.

Blowing Up Cake


Because maybe you have a cake-making friend or relative who could use some instruction and would appreciate the gift.
Amateur Cake Baker

7Because if you have questions about the material, I remain available to answer them right here on this site.
Wicked Goodies 8

Because my two best recipes for smooth buttercream frosting are included as a bonus near the end of the book.

Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes


Because it’s your way of saying thanks to Wicked Goodies for the wealth of free tutorials and entertainment offered on this site.
Dropping Cake Off the Roof


Because there is a booty cake on page 103.
Booty Cake Tutorial


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Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate by Wicked Goodies

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Ten Reasons to Buy My Book — 6 Comments

  1. I received my book yesterday. WHAT A FANTASTIC BOOK!!!! I am making a Belle (from Beauty & The Beast) Doll Dress Cake. I am a home baker and new to decorating. I used your Smooth Vanilla Buttercream, Stable Cream Cheese and Cookies and Cream Cake filling recipes. I used your method to build the cake in the pan (using a parchment cake collar) and freeze method. The recipes taste amazing. I’ve never experienced this kind of success on a first attempt and attribute that only to your extremely thorough instructions. It was like having you by my side through all of it. I am hopeful that carving the layers, which I believe is to be done immediately after depanning, and cutting out the hole to insert the doll will be a success. To think i purchased this book for modeling chocolate and it has proved to be even more helpful than I could have hoped for without getting to the modeling chocolate yet!

    • Oh that was just one of many failed attempts on my part to be cool and edgy whilst making use of a cake that would otherwise go into the trash (the cake part was made of bread). Such is the life of a content creator: trying and failing at all kinds of things.

  2. Love the idea of chocolate Gingerbread House as not a lover of the gingerbread that’s more popular for houses. Thank you for sharing I’m a quilter and love to pass on my love for handmade gifts which I think mean more.

  3. I love my book!!!!!!! Bought it 2 weeks ago and HAD to share it with my daughter ( she is 31 and and has been decorating cakes with me for 24 yrs!) THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!!!!!!
    Cathy and Julie Grubar

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