Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

This cookies and cream cake filling is my favorite filling of all. I am content simply spooning it into my mouth. It is easy to make and is a popular choice for birthdays and casual parties.

Cookies & Cream is Option #4 in the
Streamlined Layer Cake Filling Menu

Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

Streamlined Cake Filling Method

This recipe is one of 11 cake filling flavors in a streamlined cake menu. All the variations are based on these two simple buttercream recipes that work beautifully both as fillings and frosting. A streamlined menu minimizes the amount of work required to make each cake, which is a terrific time-saver in the kitchen, especially for those who run a bakery business.

Base Recipe
Vanilla Buttercream Cake Frosting & Filling Smooth Buttercream Frosting Recipes
Layer Cake Filling in the Pan


– Chocolate cake layers
Stable cream cheese filling
– Crushed chocolate sandwich cookies

Cream Cheese Filling Recipe
1. Place a sleeve of chocolate sandwich cookies into a sealed bag and crush them using your hands and/or a rolling pin. Don’t completely pulverize the cookies. There should still be some larger chunks remaining.

2. Fold the crushed cookies into a bowl of stable cream cheese filling to make cookies & cream filling.

3. Fill layers of chocolate cake with the cookies & cream filling in the pan using this this layer cake filling method.

Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

4. Wrap the filled cake within its pan entirely in plastic wrap.

5. Freeze or chill the cakes until cold. Follow this link to read more about my cake freezing method.

Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

Above is a photo of a cake with cookie and cream filling in a semi-frozen state, being carved into a topsy turvy cake tier. Below is a cookies and cream filled cake that was carved out to create two tiers.

Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

Note: The cookies will absorb moisture from the filling, making them soft and easy to cut through.

Suggested Cake Filling Method

Layer Cake Filling in the Pan My preferred method for assembling layer cakes is to build them inside the baking pan. I recommend watching the videos and reading this entire tutorial on how to fill cakes in the pan.

Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe

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Streamlined Cake Filling Menu

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Cookies and Cream Cake Filling Recipe — 23 Comments

  1. Hi! I’m devouring your website and videos lately. I’ve watched so many videos and read so many articles my head is spinning. I’m hoping finding all of this info in one place will help. I’d like to use this filling, but would it work if I just use buttercream instead of cream cheese? I do plan to try your stacking in the pan method also for the first time. Thank you for all of your advice and tips!

  2. Still confused about cookie cream cheese filling. I am suppose to put one part cream cheese in a food processor until smooth add in one part vanilla butter cream until smooth then fold in the crush cookies ?

  3. I just discovered this blog and i think its fantastic! I’ll be buying your kindle books because sadly what we did in hotel school was lacking in the cake dept.and you have graciously documented your trials and solutions. Thank you so very much.

  4. I want to make a cupcake version. by sandwiching the filling between cupcake halves but Im not sure how to make it look nice and neat since I don’t have a pan. Do you have any ideas?

  5. Hi
    I am not a baker but my daughter wants me to make her wedding cake which is giant chocolate chip cookies sandwiched together with cheesecake filling . My problems are how far in advance can I make it and will the filling be firm enough to hold it and not make the cookies go soft . Any advice seriously welcome . Thank you in advance . Olive

    • Olive,
      You can make the filling a week, even two weeks in advance. At least, that would be the case here in the US where butter and cream cheese have a long refrigerator life. Wherever you are in the world, the life span of those two ingredients will determine the life of the filling in a chilled state plus a little extra time since sugar acts as a natural preservative. This filling can also be frozen if you are super tight for time.

      As far as the cookies go, that’s an interesting idea. I’d be more concerned about the top cookie being very heavy and squishing the filling out so go easy on the filling layer. If you want to make the filling layer look thick and generous like an ice cream cookie, then you might want to add some interior supports like I did with this burger cake. If you are concerned about the cookies themselves going soft, you can always coat the surface that is meant to come in contact with the filling with chocolate. In the bakery industry, this is what we would do with tart shells so they remained crisp over time even with soft fillings inside of them. The chocolate acts as a buffer between wet and dry.

      Good luck! it’s such a unique concept – I would love to see pics of your results.

      • Thank you so much for your reply. I will be experimenting ! I have made a few layers already and used your cream cheese filling it turned out very well and tasted lovely, my daughter was very happy . The wedding isn’t until next June so I think we may be sick of cookies by then
        I shall certainly send photos of the end result

    • Yes I like it for piping. It is heat-sensitive however so it’s better to use parchment paper piping cones since you can pinch them from the base, thus avoiding contact with your hands. It will get soft if you hold onto the bag for too long so only put a little into the bag and don’t hold onto the bag when you’re not using it. What makes it exceptionally good as a piping buttercream is the fact that it has no lumps so you get a very consistent result no matter what sized tip is involved, even when it comes to very small tips.

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