Useful Modeling Chocolate Tools

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools

The ideal working environment for modeling chocolate is a cool, 65°F (18°C), dry room with clean surfaces and equipment. Do not work directly in sunlight. Minimize contact with moisture and humidity. The optimal tabletop is clean, smooth, and made from a stone that retains cool temperatures such as marble, glass, or granite. Stainless steel or laminate counter tops are adequate. Avoid wood, whose grain is too porous.

 Rolling and Cutting Tools

The following seven items are the most commonly used in rolled modeling chocolate craft:

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools
A. Parchment Paper (commission earned), full sheet size
B. Plastic Rolling Pins (commission earned)
C. Blush Brush (commission earned), for dusting chocolate with corn starch
D. Corn Starch – to prevent sticking
E. Mini roller cutter (commission earned)
F. Craft utility knife (commission earned)
G. Pasta machine (commission earned)

Plunger Cutters

Plunger cutters are more efficient than traditional cutters at producing shapes and decorations.

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools

A. Blossom Plunger Cutters (commission earned)
B. Square Plunger Cutters (commission earned)
C. Round Plunger Cutters (commission earned)

Cutters, Veiners, and Formers

For cutting and adding texture to rolled modeling chocolate decorations.

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools
1. Large Leaf Veiner (commission earned)
2. Curved Leaf Cutters (commission earned)
3. Droplet Cutters (commission earned)
4. Five Petal Cutter, Plastic (commission earned)
5. Large Sphere Veiner, Double-Sided (commission earned)
6. Square Cutter Set (commission earned)
7. Round Cutter Set (commission earned)
8. Five-Petal Flower Veiner, Double-Sided (commission earned)
9. Foam Shaping Mat (commission earned)
10. Flower Forming Cups (commission earned)

Silicone Molds

These formers are the best for storing rolled modeling chocolate flowers and decorations because they are nonstick and bendy in a way that makes it easy to release shapes. They can also be used for a myriad of other confectionery molding and baking techniques.

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools
1. Large Silicone Mold (commission earned)
2. Medium Silicone Mold (commission earned)
3. Small Silicone Mold (commission earned)

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools

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Useful Modeling Chocolate Tools — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Kristen,
    Just wondering if you have ever used the pasta machine for embossing modeling chocolate? I’m on my second modeling chocolate cake and am considering the purchase of a simple pasta machine. While surfing the net I found that the pasta machine can be used for embossing paper and wondered if it would work on modeling chocolate. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

    • I highly recommend the use of a pasta machine for modeling chocolate as it makes the rolling process much easier. As for embossing, you don’t need the pressure of a machine to make an imprint like you do with paper. Modeling chocolate is soft enough that you can easily emboss by hand. So I don’t think the machine is necessary in that case.