How to Roll Modeling Chocolate Videos


How to Roll Modeling Chocolate

Using both a pasta machine and a plastic rolling pin, these two video tutorials demonstrate how to roll modeling chocolate. For thinner, more consistent sheets of modeling chocolate, I recommend using the pasta machine method.

How to Roll Modeling Chocolate

VIDEO: How to Roll Modeling Chocolate with a Pasta Machine

VIDEO: How to Roll Modeling Chocolate with a Rolling Pin

LINK: Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools

Recommended Modeling Chocolate Tools

How to Roll Modeling Chocolate Modeling Chocolate Basics

How to Roll Modeling Chocolate

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This is a free supplement to the book
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

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How to Roll Modeling Chocolate Videos — 19 Comments

  1. Hi. I am going to tackle making sea creatures out of modeling chocolate that will go on top of cupcakes. This will be my first time working with it. I’ll be making hermit crabs, stingrays, octopus, whales and jellyfish. Any hints on using the medium to make them? Will it stick to itself say when attaching parts? Thank you

  2. Hi! I love this website and I am going to purchase the book. I am new to modeling chocolate. I just made your recipe and am waiting to see how it turns out. I am making a baby crib half sheet cake. I want to know how far in advance I can make the pieces of the crib – the spindles, head and foot boards? The actual sheet cake will be the mattress of the crib. I need the spindles to support the top rails. Thoughts?

      • Thank you Kristen. I made the recipe and the chocolate turned out great – after I let it dry some. It started out oily, but turned out quite nicely. I decided the crib was too much for my first go round with the chocolate. So, I made a teddy bear out of it, and three building blocks. The teddy bear is beautiful, a nice chocolate brown, he is sturdy. I placed a dowel thru his body and he isn’t going anywhere, smile. The blocks are just like small pieces of fudge. I am going to cover them in different colored fondant (I’m playing with that also). I made a baby carrier out of styrofoam covered in fondant, tossed a pink blankie inside and it looks unbelievable.

        I do have one additional question though. Please forgive the naiveness of it. Would someone at the party expect to be able to eat the teddy bear, blocks, etc? Or is it a given that those type of decorations are not edible? I am not sure if I am wording my question correctly. I hope it make sense. Thank you again for taking the time to do what you do. It is a wonderful thing for us newbies to baking and modeling and fondanting!!!

        • Andrea,
          The advantage to modeling chocolate over fondant for these types of decorations you describe is that it’s a pleasant experience eating them if anyone chooses to do so. Kids especially like to eat the decorations so yes, it happens. They don’t always get eaten though. It just depends on the crowd.

          I’m so glad your cake came out well. It sounds awesome! I’d love to see photos if you are willing to share. There is the option to upload them to a comment here.

  3. I would like to make a 3D wine bottle cake for my daughter’s birthday. All I seem to find is to cover it with gum paste or fondant, neither if which anyone in my family cares for! Would it be possible to cover it in modeling chocolate instead? If so is there a way to get a shine on the chocolate? Will a sugar sheet label affix to the molding chocolate?
    I love your site. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • You can use modeling chocolate to make the label.I don’t recommend attempting to cover a shape like that in modeling chocolate alone. It’s not stretchy enough to conform to those kinds of curves. You might consider mixing 50/50 modeling chocolate with fondant to improve the taste without losing the elasticity needed to wrap that kind of shape. You can affix a sugar sheet label to modeling chocolate. Modeling chocolate is naturally shiny but you can add even more shine by brushing it with luster dust.

  4. Thanks for sharing this great information. God bless your heart. Please I’ll like to make a cake shoe box and cover it in modelling chocolate.side by side then make the lid differient. You have any idea the thickness and how to close up the edges to make it sharp?

  5. I bake cake for family and friends, so I don’t have much knowledge about it. I started decorating cake with fondant, but in general here in Brazil, people don’t like fondant. I’m trying to find a substitute for it. Can I use modeling chocolate to cover cakes or it is only used for small pieces of decorations?

  6. I am a grandmother who likes to make cakes for my grand children. I like modeling chocolate above fondant or gum paste and the kids loved them because it tasted like tootsie rolls so I was using it for the last of couple of years for all my cakes but I would like to learn modern technique as used in all your decorations. Maybe you could teach how to make defying gravity cake decorations as a pouring wine bottle or tomato ketchup or syrup, all these illusions.
    You are so creative in all your designs, thank you for the tutorials.

    • Yes it tastes just like a tootsie roll! I know there are some tutorials out there for those kinds of gravity defying cakes but I’ve never done one that looks like a bottle of liquid pouring myself.

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