Chocolate Bow & Ribbon Tutorial

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial
The classic present cake is appropriate for almost any occasion. Modeling chocolate is particularly well suited for forming fine bows because it can be rolled so thin. The trick to a full-looking bow is to cut wider strips for the loops than for the rest of the bow/ribbon components.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial

Items Needed for the Bow & Ribbon

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Roll out the blue modeling chocolate to 1/16” (1.6 mm) thickness. Roll it to a width of at least 22” (56 cm). 2. Cut two 22” long, 1.25” wide strips (56 x 32 mm) for ribbons. Set them aside.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial
2. Cut the bow components DF as shown above. EF must be the same width as the ribbon: 1.25” (32 mm) wide. D1D2, the loops of the bow, should be twice as wide as the ribbon: 3” (76 mm) at the widest part with a slight taper at the ends.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial
3. Fold over and pinch the tapered ends of D1 and D2 so that they join in the middle hugging each other.Pull the loops open and prop them up. Work swiftly at this stage to minimize hand contact with the modeling chocolate as fresh-made bow components are vulnerable to collapse if handled too much.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and

4. Set the loops aside to firm up for at least one hour before handling again.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial
5. Place the bow’s ends, F1 and F2 with the straight ends meeting on top of cake at the junction where the ribbons cross. Drape them loosely over the edges of the cake and curl them up at the tips.

6. Hold the center band, E into a loop wide enough to form the bow’s center. Place it seam-side-down where the ribbons cross. Modeling Chocolate Bow and

7. Tuck the pinched ends of D1 and D2 into the two openings of E. Secure any loose parts with a dab of buttercream to hold the bow in place.

Gift Tag Happy Birthday Cake Writing

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial I piped a chocolate inscription onto the gift tag. Follow this link to read more about how I cake write with parchment paper cones.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial

This is an excerpt from the book
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate
The book also demonstrates how to cover a cake in patterned modeling chocolate so that it looks like a wrapped present.

Modeling Chocolate Bow and Ribbon Tutorial

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