Fish Face Cake Tutorial

Fish Face Cake Tutorial

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial
This 3D fish face cake has a simple half sphere shape that requires no sculpting. Modeling chocolate, piped chocolate and buttercream frosting are the mediums used to form the decorations although you could certainly substitute fondant for modeling chocolate if that is your preference.

This was an 8″ diameter sphere cake. 
I baked and prepared it using the following method

Half Sphere Cake Tutorial Sphere Cake Tutorial

Fish Eyes and Lips with Modeling Chocolate

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

The fish eye sockets were formed using rolled modeling chocolate cut into circles using round cookie cutters (commission earned). The eyeballs were made from balls of white modeling chocolate indented with a ball tool then filled with piped chocolate. The lips were formed using two equal pieces of red modeling chocolate made bulbous in the middle and tapered to meet at both ends. A small piece of rolled red modeling chocolate acted as backing for the lips so they were dark in the inside.

Fish Scales with Modeling Chocolate

The colors of modeling chocolate that were used on this cake are show below next to a ruler so you can see approximately how much was prepped for the task.

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

The fish scales were made from the lighter blue, red, yellow and white colors of rolled modeling chocolate cut into small circles with the smallest cutter from this round cookie cutter set (commission earned). Once they were all prepped on a sheet pan, they were gently pressed into the buttercream crumb coat of a half sphere cake.

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

One layer of scales was added per round and each subsequent layer was offset to create a shingling effect.

Fish Fins with Piped Buttercream

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial
The suggestion of fins was formed by piping a squiggle of buttercream frosting with a streak of blue through a rose petal tip. 
Petal Piping Tip

Sample the book
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

A similar but bigger, fancier version of this style of cake with white chocolate piping on every fin can be found here:
3D Koi Fish Cake Tutorial
Koi Fish Cake Tutorial

3D Fish Face Cake Tutorial

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