How to Make a Motorcycle Cake

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

The yummiest kind of motorbike for ripping up single track is made of modeling chocolate. This motorcycle cake tutorial is for bakers who find themselves challenged by designs that involve two-wheel vehicles, i.e. bicycles, dirt bikes, scooters etc. Because the problem with two-wheelers is that they don’t translate smoothly into the edible form. Consider a standing moped cake decoration made from gumpaste for instance and all the effort and infrastructure that would involve. Or imagine carving a motorcycle shape out of cake…the nightmare frosting job that would ensue. No thank you!

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to sculpt a mogul (i.e. a mound) of cake, build a motorbike in parts, then place them on the cake to give the impression of a completely intact standing vehicle.

Edible Materials Needed

Equipment Needed

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

Note the size of these microcutters next to the American quarter

Step-by-Step Instructions

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

1. Cut a 4” wide cylinder of cake in half to form two wheels (alternatively, cut 4” circles out of a sheet of cake using a 4” cutter). Cover them in plastic wrap tightly, pressing to round the edges slightly. Freeze solid.

2. Once frozen, dip the topside of the wheels upside down in chocolate glaze. Allow the wheels to set in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes before handling again.

Get the Chocolate Glaze Recipe Chocolate Glaze Recipe

3. Saw diagonally through a 1/4 sheet cake the long way, taking the edge off the 90º front ledge. Rotate the wedge 180° then reattach it to the cake, creating a slanted surface like a mountain face on which to display the motorbike. Alternatively, during the filling stage, assemble a 1/4 cake in the shape of a mound.

4. Plunge a 4 1/2” round cutter into the face of the mogul to mark the position of the wheels. Hollow out each spot a little to create grooves for wheels to nest in.  Angle the grooves slightly so that the wheels will both tilt inwards.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial
5. Cover the cake mogul with plastic wrap and trace the outline of both the cake and the wheel pockets onto a piece of parchment paper. From that template, the motorbike will ultimately be designed.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

6. With a small offset spatula, frost the mogul with chocolate buttercream. While the frosting is still soft, blend vanilla buttercream into the finish to add movement. Place the cake in the refrigerator to set.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

7. Draw a motorbike onto the parchment paper using the wheels and the outline of the cake to frame its size. Reference images on the internet to get a sense of how a dirt bike looks.

8. Tape the drawing to the flat underside of a clean sheet pan.

9. Lay a fresh piece of parchment over the sketch and tape that down too (working directly on top of the sketch may get marker ink on the modeling chocolate). This sketch will now act as a blueprint for creating the motor and parts.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

10. Shape the components of the bike out of modeling chocolate, making certain aspects bulge more than others to add depth and dimension. Create disjointed parts that fit together like a puzzle but are not attached. That way, they can be pivoted and rearranged when it comes time to place them on the cake.

11. Roll the remaining modeling chocolate scraps to 1/16” thin sheets and with microcutters, cut delicate shapes to add detail to the engine and armor. Use a pointed sculpting implement to create nuts & bolts impressions.

Sample the book
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

12. Allow the motorbike parts to rest, untouched and uncovered at a cool room temperature for at least two hours before handling them again.

13. Embed the wheels in the buttercream then add the rims and suspension. Arrange the engine parts directly on the surface of the cake. Angle the wheelhouses to connect with the engine so that the bike is in a concave C shape, as if turning on the mogul.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

14. With a small offset spatula, roughly add chocolate buttercream underneath the wheels to secure them and create the impression that loose dirt is kicking up behind.

15. Press ground chocolate chips onto the buttercream around the bottom of the cake to make it look more like dirt/gravel.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

16. Drizzle chocolate glaze over the back edge of the cake. Pipe an inscription using white chocolate + vegetable oil. Follow this link for my tutorial, Chocolate Cake Writing Tips.

17. Dust the top of the cake lightly with cocoa powder for one final touch of dirt.

3D Motorbike Cake Tutorial

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Motorbike Cake Tutorial


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