Creepy Edible Teeth

Creepy Edible Teeth Wicked Goodies

This Dia de los Meurtos 3D sculpted skull cake was frosted with smooth buttercream then decorated with modeling chocolate, fondant, piped chocolate, and whittled almond teeth. Learn more about how this cake was made by following this link: Skull Cake Tutorial.

How to Make Creepy Edible Teeth Wicked Goodies

How to Make Edible Teeth Decorations Using Nuts

How to Make Creepy Edible Teeth

Using a small knife, whittle the nut meats down to the desired tooth shape. For aged, brown teeth, toast the nuts in advance and allow them to cool. For newer, whiter teeth, don’t toast the nuts.

Creepy Edible Teeth Tutorial Wicked Goodies

For human teeth, make sure to include the various different shapes including molars and incisors.
Creepy Edible Teeth Tutorial Below is an example of almonds whittled to points for a shark cake.

Edible Teeth

Edible nut teeth can easily be embedded into modeling chocolate or fondant then secured with some piped melted chocolate.

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate How to Decorated a Cake with Creepy Edible Teeth

The above teeth were also dusted with a little pearl dust for sheen.

More Examples of Nut Teeth

Crocodile Cake with Brazil Nut Teeth

Crocodile Cake with Creepy Edible Teeth

Alien Cake with Pine Nut Teeth

Creepy Edible Teeth by Wicked Goodies

Creepy Edible Teeth Tutorial

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  1. Wow, i wish i had seen this before i painstakingly created teeth with gumpaste, drove me nuts. I will definitely be using this for future teeth of all kinds. thank you

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