Best and Worst Ever

Happy 2016

Happy 2016! How were your holidays? Were they sweet? Did you bake your tushes off? Did you get some cool new kitchen gear?

After a hiatus of several months, during which I completed a new book manuscript, I’m back on the scene. I’ve just gotten all caught up on the backlog of your many email questions and website comments. The Indie Baker’s list is freshly up-to-date. My kitchen is clean. My office is re-organized. I’m ready for a new year!

So how should we begin? I mean, before I launch a ton of giveaways? I feel that introductions are in order for the new subscribers. So let’s review Wicked Goodies’ best and worst articles ever, plus the posts that are wildly yet secretly popular.

Folks, here’s your chance to remedy your January blues by binge-reading all the best free stuff that this website has to offer and/or by howling in protest at the most lame or offensive things that I’ve ever done. Go ahead, troll me. I dare ya.

Author’s Pick: My Most Favorite Article Ever

Reader’s Picks: Most Popular Articles of All Time

Least Popular/Most Trolled Videos Ever

I really thought you guys would love this stuff. I was SO sure of it. Eh, no….

Secretly Popular Naughty Articles

All day, every day, these two pages get traffic – massive traffic – but no one leaves a comment. Nary a trace of a comment. It’s like a parade of ghost readers endlessly passing through. But I have a sixth sense (a.k.a website analytics) so I know what’s going down.

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Best and Worst Ever — 4 Comments

  1. This is so refreshing to see that we all have “not to cute cakes”. I guess I thought you were always a “perfect cake decorator” 🙂 Thanks for sharing your vulnerable side! You are so great and inspiring!

  2. Holy cow!! Glad to see that you had some growing pains. That bride cake topper is absolutely dreadful–definitely worthy of a worst ever submission:):):) Thanks for sharing–shows me that there is hope after all!

  3. Hi,
    Just wanted to leave you a comment. And to ask if there is a way I can download an iBook I bought from you about 2 years ago. My iPad croaked, and I lost it! 🙁

    I think you are a very good teacher, btw!