Cake Drop

 VIDEO: Cake Drop

In October, I made two fake bread cakes, one square and one round. Each one I decorated twice to make a total of four cake designs, including the one shown here. The decorating process was filmed and photographed for upcoming publications.

After the shoot, I blew one cake up and dropped the other off the roof of a 3-story building. Below are the results of my latest cake demolition experiment.

About the cake design: this crisp, square wedding cake was frosted with American buttercream and decorated with a sunburst pattern of modeling chocolate in the citrus colors of orange, lemon, lime, and pomegranate. The beautiful cake stand was made by Shannon over at Batter Up Cake Co.

Remember, it was not a real cake. It was a DEMO CAKE.

Citrus Sunburst Square Wedding Cake by Wicked Goodies
This cake drop took place on a drizzly, bleak, day…one of the worst kinds of days to deliver a wedding cake. Because when it rains, you’ve got to scramble at the last minute to build a huge box out of cardboard. Even if you manage to keep the cake dry, there’s so much moisture in the air that can cause decorations to wilt and colors to run. So this cake demolition experiment is for every baker who’s ever had the rainy day wedding cake delivery blues.  I let this cake go splat with the hopes that yours won’t when it really matters!

Thanks to Rick, Julia, and Joey for lending us your porch and for helping make a great cake demolition adventure.

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