Gingerbread House Smashing

I pulled together a little video of this giant gingerbread sandcastle adventure.

VIDEO: Giant Gingerbread House Building & Smashing

This giant gingerbread sandcastle was the dessert at Viacom’s Holiday Beach Bash in Santa Monica, California, 2014

Gingerbread House Smashing

Note to readers: Please embrace the smashing. This thing was built to be eaten.

Thanks to Epicurian Delights for voting this gingerbread castle a
Judge’s Pick Winner
in the
Online Gingerbread House Contest

Award Winning Gingerbread House Castle

Look at all the stuff I won!

Cake Decorating Supplies Thanks to the givers of the prizes, including The Cake CottageIcing Images®, New York Cake, & Satin Ice Fine Foods!


See closeup photos of the Gingerbread Cookie Sandcastle Gingerbread Cookie Castle

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Gingerbread House Smashing — 1 Comment

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