Heart Pan Set Giveaway

Aaaand the winner of the Fat Daddio’s heart pan set is Melissa Kelly-Hill from The Twelve Five Cakery! Why? For 3 reasons:

1. Instead of showing me a conventional cake, she took a risk and submitted an anatomically correct bleeding heart cake instead. Badass!
2. Her aspirations with these pans are to make an exploding heart cake. Girl, you got my attention. Now I gotta see this.
3. She’s turning her cottage business into a storefront bakery soon and needs equipment. Let’s get this talented baker some pans!
Melissa, please email me your address and I will pop your package in the mail pronto. Congrats!
– Kristen
Thanks to all who entered. Next giveaway coming sooooon.

Heart Shaped Pan Giveaway
I’ve got one more set of Fat Daddio’s heart-shaped cake pans that I am giving away to sweeten someone’s Valentine’s day baking adventures. This free kit also comes with a packet of Icing Images premium red wafer paper for a total retail value of $69!

Chocolate Heart Cake
Note that I borrowed the 8″ pan in this set to make the no-bake chocolate peanut butter pie shown above. Er, um, I was just testing the set out to make sure it was sound…. 😉

Heart Shaped Pan Giveaway
These are high quality cake pans made of anodized aluminum with removable bottoms. I heart Fat Daddio’s brand! They are my preferred vendor when it comes to cake baking equipment. Follow this link to read more about why I find Fat Daddio’s cake pans to be superior.

Heart Shaped Pan Giveaway

All the pans in this set are 3″ deep and measure 6″ 8″ and 10″ across.
These pans are normally sold separately.
Here is the link to find these heart-shaped pans in all sizes on Amazon.com so you can check out their specs and retail value.

Who Qualifies for this Giveaway

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., Mexico, & Canada.
Why only these countries? Because of shipping costs, that’s why.

buttercream garnish by Wicked Goodies

How to Enter

This giveaway is now closed

Step 1. Leave a comment below stating what you would use these pans for.

Step 2. Please NOTE YOUR GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION (city & state) in the comment to confirm your eligibility.

Step 3. If you run a bakery business, be sure to link to it so I can follow you online. Businesses with links will be entered twice in the drawing.

Bonus option #1: Share a photo of your best Valentine’s day cake within your comment. Comments with photos will have double the chance of winning.

Bonus option #2: Share a photo of your best Valentine’s day cake on the Wicked Goodies Facebook page wall. Mention the giveaway when you do it. Facebook shares will triple your entries in the drawing.

Note: Please leave your email address in the comment field below so that I can track you down if you win! Buttercream-Garnish(4)

Entry period expires at midnight (Pacific time) on Sunday, January 31st, 2016
The winner will be announced in the first week of February

Heart Shaped Pan Giveaway

Good luck!

With love from Fat Daddio’s and

Wicked Goodies

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Give yourself the gift of a cake book this Valentine’s day!

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting
Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting

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Heart Pan Set Giveaway — 91 Comments

  1. Hi
    I live in Norway/ near Oslo
    I’ll be happy to get these adorable pans from doodle ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love these heart pans, I don’t have any heart shape pans. And I’d like to have one to bake a beautiful, delicious and romantic strawberry heart cake.
    From Tacoma, WA.

  3. If I were to win these heart shaped pans, I would use them to make a dark chocolate, chocolate ganache and chocolate dipped strawberry cake. I just started my baking business last year so my website is still in the works, but it’s facebook.com/LisasBakeKingCakes.

    I live in Knoxville, TN and everything I make is from scratch. Because of your book, I have been able to continue developing my skills with modeling chocolate, so thank you for that!

  4. I would use these pans to make heart shaped cheesecakes. I don’t have any Fat Daddio pans and I would love to try them. Valentine’s Day is my anniversary. I don’t have a picture of a Valentine’s cake, but here is this cookie I made. I am in San Antonio, TX.

  5. My daughter and her hubby have their 11th wedding anniversary this week. Wish I already had this pan, but if I win it, I’ll make them another cake! Saw Daddio products at Bed, Bath and Beyond! Where do I live? Corning NY–in the western part of the state, down by the PA state line.

  6. Hi! I could totally use those pans to create an amazing exploding heart cake! It would be so rad! I operate a cottage food biz in Petal, MS. (The Twelve Five Cakery on instagram & http://www.twelvefive.weebly.com.) My style is still evolving, & I’ve just begun taking better pics, but I hope you’ll check out my work! 😉 Also, I hope to be in a storefront by 10/2016, & I’m totally gonna need some heart pans in my shop! Thanks for your consideration, time & GENEROSITY!!! ♡♡♡

  7. I would use these pans to make a multi layered chocolate hazelnut cake for my DH for Valentines day to start, then perhaps a multi tiered red velvet cake, and of course a peanut butter chocolate cake! The possibilities are endless :O

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Roselle Park, NJ

  8. I’d love to make a black forest Valentine’s cake first. Then I’d try more decorative ideas. This was my first fontant attempt, and I’d love quality pans to help me acheive all the fancy! I’m located in Seattle, WA, and yummy cake would help us get over the dreary skies. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try to win these gorgeous pans. I’m a home baker and I also love to cook. I don’t have a business and never sold a cake. I do have a Facebook recipe exchange page. https://www.facebook.com/Brasilian-Recipes-other-delectable-delights-from-around-the-world-112805418803898/
    Our 25th wedding anniversary is drawing near and I would love to make a tier heart cake. When we got married our cake was simple, store bought. This year being our 25th I’d like for us to renew our vows in front of our 4 children , family and friends plus surprise my hubby by making the cake myself.
    Thank you
    Claudia Smith
    Casa Grande , Arizona

  10. I’ve been wanting to get some of the 3 in pans and they are hard to find in my area. Would love these!!

  11. I would use these pans to make birthday cakes for my grand kids you could make so many different kinds. I live in East Jordan MI. Thank you for the chance to win

  12. With these pans, I’d make a chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sauce (at least I’d try, anyway) as it’s my husbands favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. I would use the pans not only for a layered Valentine’s cake gift but turn it upside down to make a Santa cake for Christmas. I’m thinking I might even try a clover with the small pan for St Patrick’s day. With the removable bottom that could increase the options. Thanks for your wonderful website. You are very talented and I appreciate looking at your work. You are a great inspiration to me!!

  14. I am always looking for more pans to use to create festive treats to post on my blog, Hungry Happenings (www.hungryhappenings.com). I am a full time blogger/recipe developer/chocolatier from Dayton, Ohio and enjoy making fun cakes and cheesecakes. These pans will be perfect for both.

    One of my favorite Valentine’s Day cakes is a reveal cake. When the cake was cut it revealed the surprise hiding inside.

  15. I would love to make my sister’s birthday cake with these pans – her birthday is
    on Valentine’s Day of course! I would have such fun baking heart shaped cake here in Robbinsvill, NJ.

  16. I lve Fat Daddio pans!! The are my fave, and I have been slowly changing out all my pans and getting rid of the “others”. These pans would help me in that task, especially since I only have a couple heart shaped pans to begin with. And besides, where I am, in a very small town in northern Alberta, Canada, my only shopping option is online. The picture I’m sharing with you is from a class I taught at the Military Family Resource Centre. The ladies had a blast learning the techniques over the three Saturday classes. And my FB page is http://www.facebook.com/specialoccasionscakesetc. Thank you for this lovely opportunity, Kristen!

  17. Greetings from Kenosha, WI! Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway. I’d love to win a set of these pans so I could use them as I keep improving my cake decorating skills. I belong to a Cake Decorating and Sugar Arts Club. We try different techniques every month. I just love everything about caking.

  18. What fun am I going to have with these pans. Just getting started with baking nicer cakes and loving every minute of it. These pans will help expand the fun adult cakes that I make as well. You can take a heart and cut off the point and have a set of boobies or turn upside down and it’s a hiney!! I can’t wait!!! Waiting in Winston-Salem NC

  19. I would love these pans not only for Valentine’s day but through the year to bake for people I love. I would also use them to make heart healthy desserts for heart patients that I know. I would be very grateful if I had these pans. They have so many uses.

  20. I would love to win this set because I love to bake as a hobby and I do not have any good quality pans such at this . Thank you
    Escondido, California

  21. I would love to win these pans because I am a fairly new baker who is still building up my collection! The first thing I would use them for would be to make a cake for my Dad because he has always given me something for Valentine’s Day since I was a little girl. I have made a slightly racy red BED cake before (because I was unwilling to make anything more RACY than that!). Even the pillows were cake inside. I LOVE new followers! My page on fb is https://www.facebook.com/ChangeOfPaceCakes and my IG profile is @changeofpacecakes

  22. Hello, I do cake decorating as a hobby. I am currently building my portfolio as I entertain the idea of baking for a profit. This set would definitely assist in my baking endeavors. I currently have my entire gallery posted on instagram @cs_creations_.

  23. Hello from Mastic Beach New York! My name is Sabrina and I am a home baker for Sabrina’s Sinful Sweets. Mostly I do cookies starting my first full year this year so working on pricing and portfolio right now. I’m starting to experiment with cakes. I don’t have a picture of a heart shaped cake but I do have a 3 cookie jewelry box I made by using a heart shaped pan. Hope to win!!

  24. Hi! I was contacted about 2 weeks ago and asked if I could make some cupcakes for an engagement party on 2/13/16. The request also included to have a special cake shaped into something super cute, my discretion, just for the bride and groom to be.These pans would be great and it ties in perfectly with engagement and Valentine’s Day. What I have recently learned is heart shaped cakes can be used for different cakes that need to be sculpted such as bodice of wedding dress, corsett cakes etc. I am based out of Durham,NC. I do not have a store front or a website, but I do have a Facebook page. I was licensed and certified in April 2015 as home based bakery. I think this Heart set would be perfect for the party. With a special cake as well as it tasting great would be the perfect way for word to spread and I can start to grow my business. I do not have any pics of Valentine’s cakes. But here is a pic of a cake I have done. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

  25. My very best Valentine’s Day cake was made 46 years ago. Our first Valentine’s Day married. Long before I took pictures of cakes. And this one never got eaten.(by humans) I made it and we went out to dinner. When we came home the dog had licked every inch of frosting off that cake! Not one bite of the cake was gone!

    Valentine’s is my favorite baking holiday! I’d love to have you ship those pans to El Paso, TX USA.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,

  26. I would so very much love and appreciate these pans. I have opened a bakery. I’m still trying to collect ended supplies as I go. I only have one large heart shaped pan. Having more sizes would be wonderful. I don’t have a web page yet, but the name of my business is Sherry’s Homestyle Bakery.
    I live in just outside Philipsburg Montana. I’m new enough that so far I haven’t had an order for a Valentine cake, although I have some wonderful ideas. I realize my chances arnt as good as people with pictures, but I would put the pans to great use. I’d be happy to send you other cakes I have made if you would like.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  27. DANG!! These would be awesome for my Fatdaddio collection! I run a small business (Wolfbay Café), where I not only do crazy sculpted cakes, but I’m famous for my line of Cheesecakes, and THESE would rule for making much bigger “love” cheesecakes! I have one pictured here using a smaller 6 inch springform for one of my yearly Valentines “Cheesecake for Two” specials. I am now in Calgary, Alberta Canada and you can follow my sweet works on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wolfbay-Cafe-277372178240/

  28. These are beautiful cake pans. I’d make cakes, cheesecakes and some cookie boxes with these pans. Good luck to all and Happy Valentine’s Day from Auburn Hills, Mi.

  29. Love these pans, with the removable bottoms!! I’d bake cakes, cheesecakes and cookies with these pans. Pick me!! haha. Happy Valentine’s everyone and thanks for such an awesome opportunity at such a lovely prize!

  30. Ooooh!! Thank you for this super giveaway! I would LOVE to win this wonderful set of ♥-shaped pans!! I am no pastry chef nor do I have a baking business (ergo no website). I simply bake for my family & friends – and the pure joy of it.
    Good luck to everyone, although I secretly hope to win this prize! 😉
    Marguerite from Georgetown, Ontario (Canada)

  31. I am learning and exploring and playing with new ideas. I follow you religiously, and heave learned so much from you and your book. I would Love to see what these pans might inspire me to make!

  32. I would use the heart pans to bake vibrant and elegant cakes. Baking is my passion, the photo I entered/chose was the first cake I’ve baked for my husband on Valentine’s Day about 7 years ago. I took a chance and I was pleased and so was my family. This cake was the beginning of my life changer and I just didn’t know it at the time.

    Saint Cloud, FL

  33. I would use these pans to make valentines day cakes and any other cake that requires a heart.

  34. I would love to win those pans. I have 1 heart pan and had to bake in it at two different times to get the layers I needed for this cake. Pans are a big expense for an in-home baker so it would be an honor for me to win and not have to purchase these at a later date. I’m sure I will have wedding requests for heart cake layers and this would really help me.

    Take care,

  35. Kristi from Marathon, WI.
    I’ve heard great things about these pans, but have yet to use them. This would be an awesome opportunity. One of the heart shapes would have been great to use for the top of my grandparents anniversary cake I made.

  36. I took 2 baking & decorating classes and I am just starting out baking and decorating cakes for friends & family. These pans would be a valuable addition to me. I know enough to know that Fat Daddio’s pans are the best to use. If I win these pans they will be put to good use.

  37. I don’t have any heart shaped pans and would love these. Just starting out doing cakes and cupcakes for family and friends…having fun in Victor, NY

  38. I would love to have the opportunity to make a beautiful cake for Valentine’s Day ! I have only made traditional round or square cakes as I am fairly new to baking. It would be great to surprise my family during our Sunday lunch on Valentine’s !!

  39. Boston, MA
    Would love to add these pans to my cake tools. I am a hack cake baker just trying to improve with every cake. Can always use more tools.

  40. I live in Texarkana, Texas. I would love this pan set:) I would use it for my husbands and my 6th year of “the day we met” anniversary(we were married 6 months later) ,coming up on February 14th. I finally found my prince charming on my favorite day of the year!! I would love to make him a heart shaped cake with ganache for the first time. One day I would love to own a bakery, and when that happens, those pans come with me:) until then I’ll continue to bake and decorate for my friends and family!:)

  41. Hi I would use it for a 3 tier valentine cake for hubby. I´m from Beloit, Wisconsin. Thank you for the super cute giveaway. lots of love, Laura

  42. My daughter works with a branch of DCF Dept of Children and Families here in Jacksonville Florida-she faces very tough situations with the saftey of children and sometimes removes children from dangerous home situations. I would use these pans to make cakes for the families she visits on Feb 12 (14th is Sunday) to let them know they are loved. Also, I’d make one for my daughter since Valentines Day is her 27th birthday! http://Facebook.com/justeatitjax

  43. I just been in business for a short time and I don’t have any heart shaped pans. I Would be honored to use these pans every Valentines Day, and every time someone wanted a heart shaped cake. I love Fat Daddio’s pans and I prefer to use them in my bakery as well.

  44. Awww it would be perfect to have to make a cake and have my berries on top for Valentine’s Day!My business could definitely use this set. ❤

  45. (Westport, Massachusetts) All I own is round cake pans and it would be great to have these pans. I can see myself using it for anniversaries, Valentine’s day and special birthdays. I am including a picture of a cake I made as a gift for my neighbor’s last year on Valentine’s Day.

  46. I would love these! I was asked to bake a heart shaped cake last year for someone’s anniversary, I had to borrow one. Turned out great but would be nice to own these great pans and I love the sizes. From Cloudland, GA.

  47. Thanks for the great giveaway!!! I would use the pans to bake for my husband, family and friends.

  48. My son is getting married this Saturday and I’m just finishing his groom’s cake. When my daughter gets married, I’d love to make a cake with these pans. (I bought your ebook and am using modeling chocolate for the first time…much easier than I thought!) I live in San Antonio, Texas.

  49. I would use these pans to make my husband a very nice Valentine’s Day cake. I live in Conyers, Georgia

  50. I would bake an 11th anniversary cake for my hubby this year, since he was away working for our tenth.

  51. I would love these pans to make NY style cheesecake with strawberry topping! I’m in South Bend, Indiana (Go Irish!). Email hmamaconfections@aol.com. Valentine’s Day came early for one of my favorite couples, as “the proposal” happened last June as a surprise!

  52. I would love these for my son’s wedding cake this June!! I live in Hazlet, New Jersey

  53. I would love these for my son’s wedding cake in June this year! I am in Hazlet, New Jersey

  54. Started as a home baker and cake decorator. Began taking the Wilton classes and became a Wilton Method Instructor and have taken it to the next level! Heart shaped pans would be great for the Valentine’s Day cakes and family birthdays!

    Rye Brook, NY

  55. I would use them to bake a cake for my birthday which is Valentine’s Day. I live in Kelso, WA. I don not currently have a “Baking Business”, but am looking into it as my second career. I love to bake for family and friends.

  56. I do cakes for any occasion out of my home. I love to bake and experiment with different recipes. My family loves to taste my creations.
    Love, Love, Love your book, “Wicked Goodies” and I refer to it often!


  57. I’m a recent graduate of Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Pastry program and am looking to start my own business. As you know, business you need $ to start up for equipment and this would be a small but great start.

  58. Baking for my family. I bake with my kids a lot and my daughter would love to see a heart cake. Chickasha OK

  59. I just had a last minute wedding order come in for Valentine’s Day! They had to move their wedding up for personal reasons and were in a panic for a cake! I don’t own a heart pan always just use a square and a round! Would love to win a set!!

    Thank you for the opportunity

    Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

  60. I can always use another set of heart pans. Most clients these days are looking for 4″ deep pans which I have but my 3″ ones are pretty worn.

  61. I would use the pans to bake a cake for my kids and husband. We are going to dress up and have a formal Valentine’s dinner at home.
    Villa Rica,Ga

  62. I would make my 3 year olds birthday cake with them which is right after Valentines Day! Surprise, Arizona.

  63. I would use these pans to make Valentine Cakes, Ice Cream Cakes and Cheesecakes. I bake all the time and would love to own such nice pans as these. Thank you for the chance to win them.