Cake Frosting Kit

Those of you who know me and my soft spot for cake bloopers entered your worst cakes in this giveaway because you knew it would crack me up and it worked. Erika H. wins for sharing this photo of her first skull cake ever. Look at this thing! It’s got bacon all over its head! Erika says, “Buttercream is my nemesis. No matter how many videos I watch, I cannot for the life of me get a smooth buttercream cake. But I am determined!” Wicked Goodies votes yes for determination! The prize goes to this entry for being hilarious, humble, and hopeful all at the same time. Congrats, Erika and thanks to all who participated in this giveaway – it’s a joy to see your work and your progress. We can conquer the buttercream – oh yes we can! Erika, please email me your mailing address so I can ship your spatulas ( Cheers! Buttercream Frosting Tools Giveaway

Who wants ninja cake frosting skills? This giveaway is for those who seek to improve their frosting technique. All the spatulas that you see in the Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting Book are included in this kit! Some of them are brand new and some were used in the making of the book. That means this prize comes with wicked good juju! If you are just getting started on cake decorating for the first time or if you are looking to bulk up your supply of tools (you can never have too many spatulas, right?), then this giveaway is for you!

This Kit Includes

Cake Frosting and Piping Equipment

Who Qualifies for this Giveaway

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., Mexico, & Canada.
Why only these countries? Because of shipping costs, that’s why.


How to Enter


Step 1. Leave a comment below stating what level of cake decorator you are.

Step 2. Please NOTE YOUR GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION (city & state) in the comment to confirm your eligibility.

Step 3. If you run a bakery business, be sure to link to it so I can follow you online.

Bonus option #1: Share a photo of your best or worst cake within your comment. Comments with funny/offbeat photos increase your chance of winning.

Bonus option #2: Share a photo of your best or worst cake on the Wicked Goodies Facebook page here. Facebook shares also increase your chance of winning.

Note: Please leave your email address in the comment field below so I can track you down if you win!

Entry period expires at midnight (Pacific time) on February 28th
The winner will be announced shortly thereafter

Cake Frosting and Piping Equipment

To all participants, may your frosting adventures be smooth and easy.

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Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting

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Cake Frosting Kit — 60 Comments

  1. I’m a cottage bakery owner going on 5 years. I’ve recently relocated from Arlington TX to small town Louisa VA. I’ve almost always tried to lead a customer toward fondant because I know my buttercream skills aren’t where they should be and usually done improperly to be able to stand up to the heat. Here is what I think is one of my better buttercream cakes. So many ways to improve…. I love your work, thank you for sharing your art and skills with the cake world!

  2. Hi. I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a hobby of baking and decorating cakes, which is only intensifying with time. I am a beginner ready to go to the next level! I love spending time perusing FB and pinterest for ideas and techniques, which led me to Wicked Goodies! Love the amount of information and recipes on the website! Here is a photo of my worst cake (although my daughter still loved it at the time) and then I will post a photo of one of my latest cakes, for my other daughter’s 8th birthday. I did improve! Thank you for the opportunity. Winning this kit would truly be the icing on the cake!!! 🙂

  3. I have been a certified Exec Chef for the past 30 years, but have just concentrating on the pastry arts/cakes for the past 6. I run my SMALL custom crazy cake business here in Calgary, Alberta Canada, and more famous for my line of gourmet cheesecakes. I am also an instructor for Airbrushing, in sugar/cake applications. My business is “Wolfbay Café”. Link to my facebook page is:
    I love the info in your newsletters, even us “experienced” ones find them VERY useful 🙂 The cake below is one of my favorites, and reflects my love for sugar, and the dark art I’m more known for…..His name is “Willy”, from an actual nightmare I had, and I’m telling him who’s boss now!

  4. Hi, my name is Danielle. I’m just starting to get into cake decorating, but all of my recipes are made from scratch and are completely original because I’ve studied the science and chemistry of baking and can adapt and swap ingredients for unique flavors. I’m from the Virginia area and am in high school. I want to major in biochemical engineering, but I’m taking food science and business courses because I’m still clinging to the dream of opening a bakery. I’m also really excited because I’m making the cake for my stepsister’s wedding, and I want to get it perfect. I’m adding a picture of the only cake I have on my phone– it’s not my best work, but I whipped it up from an original recipe in a few hours for my biology class (we were studying phylogenetic trees). It’s a biscotti cake with raspberry cream filling, white chocolate buttercream, modeling chocolate tree, buttercream flowers, green meringue vines, and topped with a cookie sign. All but the modeling chocolate and meringue frosting are original recipes. Some people have actually told me my cakes are the best they’ve ever had. I think that, with practice and the right tools, my decorating can match my flavors and I can open a successful bakery.

  5. Beginner, do it for a pleasure. Got interested from watching Food Network cake challenge shows. Learned of Wicked Goodies from my other passion, gingerbread competitions. Love your buttercream and gingerbread recipes. Live in Bluffton, SC. This cake was for my dad’s theatre group who were performing “the Little Shop of Horrors”.

  6. My name is Rose, I live in Saint Cloud, Florida and I have been decorating and cookie cakes for about 10 years. I love what I do and I especially love the smiles on the faces on my friends and family when they see my creations. The “I Love You” was my very first cake made for husband on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t great but just knowing I have the capability to create something sweet (ha, ha) was a huge inspiration to continue what my passion in cake and cookie decorating.

  7. I am a self-taught novice. I’ve really only been honing my skills for a little over a year. Here are 2 cakes I made for a Christmas party.

  8. I have been making cakes for family and friends of about 3 years now our of Spanaway, WA.
    I’m thinking about venturing out of my circle of friends but cautious.
    I absolutely LOVE making cakes for people and seeing their faces when you deliver!

  9. Novice, novice, novice!!! But I love to bake! Would love to win these so that I can hone my skills!!! I’m from Galloway New Jersey…

  10. Self-taught for approx. 3 years. I used to have a bench scraper and the sides of my cakes looked so much better than this one but alas, my grandsons enjoy playing with the bench scraper so no telling where it has gotten off to. Would enjoy being the winner of these wonderful tools you are offering. Look at the sides of this cake – I NEED those tools. Thanks for your website – I learn lots from you. Take care, Sandy

  11. Hello I have been baking cakes for a few years and consider myself an intermediate baker. I really enjoy the process of seeing your cake coming to life. I live in Conyers,Ga.

  12. Hi! Palmyra, IN. Decorating for family since 2009, took Wilton classes a little after that. Love your tutorials! Here’s my use if your optical illusion technique for a local cake show. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

  13. Hi! I subscribe to several sites, but yours is my favorite! I have your book and really appreciate all the great tutorials. I’d say I’m a beginning professional…third year after starting home business. I love everything about cake decorating! Like many others I think one of the greatest challenges is SMOOTH buttercream. So hard! Your tutorial is great. One of my favorite cakes was a combination of buttercream with fondant decorations…football theme, and fun to create. I’m from Novi, Michigan.

  14. I am a fan of your cake decorating. Have been taking various short courses to learn this. Am a cook by professio but this is what I love. Cake decorating. Kindly advice if all your buttercream basics techniques & the icing can be bought on hard copy. I live in North America.

  15. I am a self taught decorator who started 27 years ago and did cakes for several years but just recently started again after almost fifteen. I injured my hand back then and had to change careers and sadly didn’t really attempt to decorate again until almost a year or so ago. Wow how things have changed. There are so many techniques and mediums to work with. I have fallen in love with the craft all over again and I am enjoying challenging my self learning so much. The photo I am attaching is not necessarily my best or worse but my favorite, hey who doesn’t love candy :). My little cousin was pleased with it but as with any learning experience I know what to do and not to do next time.

  16. I hope you can see the picture of the first wedding cake I made. I stressed for days but it turned out well. I had only been cake decorating for a year and had never done a tiered cake before. Not perfect but the bride (my godchild) was happy.
    I can’t get a picture to load, but I posted it on the facebook page
    Thankd Heather

  17. Hi,
    My name is Luminita David . I started my ” cake bussiness ” about 3 years ago. Firts I made cake for friends and family then i started to sell them. I also have a facebook page ” cakes by LD” . I think i am still a beginner but im looking foarward to became better and better. I live in Queens, New York. I also made a cake after one of your tutorial.

  18. Hello, and thank you for giving away such a nice prize!
    My name is Vicki Pittman and I have been making cakes for friends and family for 5 years. I began by a women coming to my home and teaching me, then launched out on my own and watched u-tube and video’s to continue learning. I enjoy creating art through cakes. There have been bad as well as good creations but each is a positive learning experience. I live in Neosho mo. And I have a Facebook page- “sweet imagination Home Bakery”.

  19. I’ve been doing cake for a while for family and friends but I’m trying to get more going now. I’ve learned thing on your website and others. My biggest test was my daughters wedding cake. Cypress inn tn

  20. I’m a beginner from Phoenix, AZ. I love baking but my lack of artistic talent really plagues my attempts at decorating. I’ve made a few cakes I was really proud of.

  21. Hi, I am a beginning professional. I have been decorating cakes for about 6 years. I am in love with baking and decorating cakes. I love your recipes and tutorials!!! I look at them over and over again.

  22. Hi there. My name is Rita and I’m from Florida. I am mother to 2 young men and I am a dental hygienist and married to my dentist husband for 27 years. I am basically a self taught cake and cookie decorator. I recently found your site and got some great advice from you, which has been invaluable. I recently did my best and worst cake within months of each other! Here they are:

  23. I consider myself somewhat of a self-taught beginner from West Monroe, LA (….I could watch tutorials and read blogs on cake making/decorating all day long–yeah…with two young kids at home all day–who has time to READ! I have been decorating cakes for around 2 years for family birthdays and just recently started to make them for others–I LOVE to try out new techniques–of course, it makes me love it all the more when they turn out the way they should!! My first “BIG” tiered cake event was crazy stressful!! lol For my niece’s 16th birthday party–It was the first of my cakes that would be seen by folks other than just family–I thought it looked pretty good back then….now I look at it and think OMG….did I really put “THAT” on display for others……to eat?????…and transporting it down a steep driveway that I live on (already stacked)…I didn’t know any better!—I don’t even want to talk about it….let’s just say my sister driving her SUV with me hanging out the back door…with this tremendously heavy cake in my lap screaming from the back—“Just go really slow!!”…”Don’t brake to hard!” was…uhmmm…funny, to say the least. Once we set it up, it was purposefully covered with tulle at the bottom to hide the lack of fondant that wouldn’t stretch to cover the bottom edges..oh yeah and the “shine” coming from it was not from steam or other cool techniques to make it look that way….I thought that if I painted it with a sponge brush that was slightly wet it would help clean all the corn starch off and give it that nice shiny look… was shiny all right, and sticky! …I have yet to be able to master being a good “buttercream” smoother, which is why I would love to learn more about the techniques and the tools that go with it!….and why on most of my cakes I make use marshmallow fondant!!

  24. I’m a “beginning professional”. I’ve been decorating and baking for friends and family for years and recently decided to take it to the next level. I love doing kids cakes, and I’m really focusing on perfecting my buttercream skills and learning fondant technique. Thank you for all the helpful tutorials and sharing your skills.

  25. Hi! I’ve rece relocated to Eastend, Saskatchewan (I’m originally from the Chicagoland area). Since I don’t have my work visa yet, I’m not actively making cakes but I do have experience in a bakery but I’m otherwise self taught. This is a picture of one of my favourite cakes I’ve made! This one was done for an eight year old little boy who just loved Batman! Thanks for letting me share!

  26. I am a novice decorator, but baking is where my passion is.
    I live in toasty Rochester, NY
    I am a huge fan; love your tips & tutorials, especially the modeling chocolate as I am not a fan of fondant.

    **Please do not be offended by my cakes; they were made for my soon to be mother-in-law after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, my gift to her – cancer free breasts**

  27. I consider myself to be a serious hobbyist with intermediate skill … But I do teach the things I do well. Up here in Cold Lake, AB, Canada, I’m about the only teacher around!! I’ve been doing this for just about 10 years now, and firmly believe everyone selling cakes should have a good foundation in buttercream skills. This is my fave buttercream cake of all time (and I do many!!). The strap pings are modelling chocolate.

  28. I live on Lookout Mountain in GA. I bake cakes for a small specialty Market. I learned basic cake decorating years ago that helps me in my work today. I am always looking for ways to bring more flavor and appeal to my creations.

  29. I am self taught and started making cakes starting with my son’s 2nd birthday. This cake was for his 19th birthday in January.
    I’ve read, watched YouTube videos and taken a few wilton classes that were taught here locally in Las Cruces, NM
    I’ve mostly made cakes for family members but have done a few baby shower cakes and a couple of wedding cakes.
    I would love to have these tools to help me take my buttercream to the next level.

  30. Hi! I have been decorating for several years. I learned by doing and researching others, (meaning lots of Wicked Goodies tutorials) and by doing again. My modeling chocolate capability can all be attributed to Kristen. After application and a successful FDA inspection I am now licensed and living my dream in North Chesterfield, VA. My company is Taa Daa the Cakery, LLC “Where the Big Finish Takes the Cake!”. I design by “if you can see it, you can eat it”, meaning all of my design work is edible. I have learned to manipulate buttercream and color the same way others use fondant and an air brush. My forte is not in the traditional cake, but objects, from a hay bale wedding cake for a farm wedding to a film reel, canister and film birthday cake. The pic I have chosen to share is a wedding cake for a burlap and lace and camo wedding for a ball room dancing couple. Yeah, had me stumped too…

  31. Hi there. I am passionate baker who likes to take on challenges. I graduated from Culinary school 2 yrs. ago and began my Baking career. I have my own website and started a home business. I keep myself busy baking cakes, danishes, bread, cookies, and more. I enjoy your awesome helpful tips and have learn a lot from your information, thank you so much. I love working with buttercream vs fondant because it taste better and shows true creativity. Here is a picture of one of my good cakes recently done for Valentines day.

  32. I am a beginner decorator. I’ve been baking most of my life but just barely got into baking cakes. I would really love to improve my frosting skills. I feel like I did for my niece for her birthday last year. I live in South Gate California and my name is Jennifer

  33. I am a beginner cake decorator from Shelby TWP, MI

    Buttercream is my nemesis. No matter how many videos I watch, I cannot for the life of me get a smooth buttercream cake. But I am determined!

    This is my very first attempt at a fun cake. It’s by far my worst, but my brother (it was for his 30th bday 3 yrs ago) loved it. I still laugh whenever I look at it.

  34. I have been decorating cakes for about three years. I am self taught by reading books(like yours) watching YouTube videos, and trial and error. Love buttercream more than fondant, however I will do decorations in fondant. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Like this cake I did this yesterday(2/20/16). I live in a small town of Chiefland Fl.

  35. I’ve been decorating cakes for five years. I live in Campbellsville, Kentucky and would love to win this set of tools and the book.
    Thank you,

  36. Galien, MI

    I have been decorating cakes for family & friends for the last 10 years. Other than a couple Wilton classes, I have learned much of what I know through trial & error & watching cake competition shows on tv. This cake, one of my very firsts, will forever be to me my ugliest cake because it was the one & only to fall over during transport. My adorable brown bear became a spotted bear in the process of “fixing” him because I only had black icing with me. A cradle would have been more fitting than a stroller, “…the cradle will fall, down will come baby (bear), cradle & all”.

  37. I have been making cakes for about 3 years I to am self taught from books u tube and other various places

  38. Vanilla bean buttercream with Americolor sky blue color. Hydrangea cupcake bouquet made for my mother for her birthday. Worst thing is, I made it for her and she thought it was so beautiful that she didn’t eat one cupcake so they all got hard as a rock and 5 days later I had to throw them out!!!!

    Beginner baker, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

  39. Dadeville, Alabama
    Self taught cake decocating techniques since Sept 2012 through website google search and youtube tutorials. Love your modeling chocolate tutorials. I used your recipes. My baking started when my 2 yr old daughter back then showed interest in the kitchen. As a mom, i have to learn how. It all started with burnt cupcakes, and ugly cakes but overtime, i got better until friends started requesting for cakes. Thank you for all your tutorials. They truly inspired me and taught me beyond my imagination. I still have to master my buttercream techniques esp the writing part. I usually use fondants for greetings as my skill is still not good. I’m learning so much from your youtube channels. Still have to practice more. Thanks again.

  40. I consider myself a beginner cake decorator with a lot to learn, but making slow and steady strides. I live in Robbinsvill, NJ, and my email is
    I do not run a cake business, however I have just taken my first order for a Baby Shower Cake in April (I’m so excited)!
    So far, I am most proud of this cake that I made for my grandson’s birthday (as you can see I need practice w/photography, lol)……

  41. I’ve been decorating cakes for 3 years. Just moved back to the Atlanta area (GA). But my cake shows where I would love to be right now! Your buttercream is the only buttercream I can eat! And I love how smooth it becomes!

  42. Hi! I’m a beginner! I love baking but I can really just make boxed cake very yummy. I’m looking for classes to take with my sister in law. I’m in San Jacinto, California.