The Fornicake Series


Part of what it means to be Wicked Goodies is to be naughty as well as nice in the dessert department. However I understand that a certain percentage of readers get squirmy when it comes to body part cakes. For the record, I respect that point of view but if you share it, then you should stop reading now because this fornicake material is not for you.

Dick Cake Pictures

So here’s the deal. There’s a demand for more fornicake tutorials. I can see on my Google Analytics how often naughty cake terms bring search traffic to my website. All kinds of people want to learn the art of fornicaking. I can tell by the search terms that are used to find my site. For example:

How to Make a Butt Cake, Booty Cake, or Bum Cake

How to Make a Dick Cake, Penis Cake, Cock Cake

How to Make a Breast Cake, Boob Cake, Tit Cake

So you see, it’s undeniable, the amount of interest that people have on these topics. As the Wicked Goodies cake blog, I feel that it’s my duty to oblige so this year, by popular demand, I will be releasing a series of fornicake tutorials answering all of the questions posed above.

Fornicake Tutorial Series

Now here they are:

3D Vagina Cake Tutorial

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