Decorating a Doll Cake Torso

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VIDEO: Doll Cake Part 3 – Modeling Chocolate Doll Pick Wrap
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Step by Step Instructions

The Wilton doll pick makes a great torso for a doll cake. Kids love getting it as a toy and it makes the doll cake so easy. This doll pick is wrapped in modeling chocolate then piped with melted chocolate around the seams and around the neck as jewelry.

Items Needed

How to Make a Doll Cake
1. Roll out a thin sheet of white modeling chocolate and cut it into a half moon shape.

2. Wrap it around the doll pick starting just above the chest so that it extends out below the base of the torso. The tips of the half moon should overlap loosely on the doll’s back.

How to Make a Doll Cake
3. Using a small roller cutter, make one straight vertical cut down the middle of the back. Peel away the two excess flaps of modeling chocolate.

How to Make a Doll Cake
4. Work the base of the skirt so that the excess flares out at the bottom.

5. Anchor the pick into a Styrofoam brick (if you don’t have Styrofoam, a shoebox will also work).

How to Make a Doll Cake
6. Using a small piping cone filled with melted white chocolate, pipe trim along the edge of the modeling chocolate. Hold the brick – not the doll while doing this.

7. Pipe a necklace around the neck as well.

Note: I made one mistake while wrapping the above doll pick, which was to leave an air bubble between the two boobs. Since it was a hot day when the cake was served, the air bubble expanded, making it look like there was a third boob. Below is another option for wrapping the doll pick with two strips of modeling chocolate. This way does not trap air.

How to Make a Doll Cake
This doll is decorated entirely in modeling chocolate and piped chocolate. Go here to watch a video on how to make a Happy Birthday modeling chocolate plaque.

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