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Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Wow, there were some impressive entries in the Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Competition. Thanks to all the talented dessert artists who submitted photos! There were many great cakes in the running but here are the top five finalists, in no particular order. Please vote for your favorite cake by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page. 

apple-touch-icon Baby Blocks Cake

made by: Monica Mancini

“This is my favorite cake I’ve made this year! I used modeling chocolate to panel the blocks and for the numbers and the blue flower is made form modeling chocolate. I love working with it!”
Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate


Wine Lover’s Cake

made by: Sarah Harris

“A surprise cake I made for my niece who has the same name as me! Everything is edible and mostly chocolate. Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache for the crate and wine bottle, and a combination of modelling chocolate and fondant for the decorations. The picture frame is embossed modelling chocolate; the picture is an edible print of my niece and her daughter. The wine label is an edible print and includes her name and year of birth.”
Wine Bottle Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate


Gizmo Gremlin

made by: Sheena Schuler of Cake: Dessert Design Studio

“This was my first time using modeling chocolate and it definitely made the difference. Gizmo is made from RKT and modeling chocolate. It was also used to make the darts and phone cord.”
Gremlin Cake Decorated in Modeling Chocolate


Lone Ranger Cake

made by: Tim Sullivan of Cakes by Timbo

“This is a cake I did this past weekend. The entire face is made with white modeling chocolate, and I even took step by step pics as I made the cake! It was my 1st time working with white chocolate and my 1st life sized face cake.”
Cakes Decorated with Modeling Chocolate for Online Cake Contest (2)


Pinocchio Cake

made by: Jennifer Ladisky of Sugar Chef

“Pinocchio cake for an avid puppet collector. It stood 2.5′ high and the sculpted head, arms, and legs and one foot were made entirely with modeling chocolate. The cake part is the body and the standing foot that is covered with a combination of fondant and modeling chocolate.” Pinnocchio Cake Decorated with Modeling Chocolate

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You Be the Judge — 469 Comments

  1. Tough choice everyone deserves to win as they are all fantastic and made by very talented people. My vote goes to Wine Lovers cake. The attention to minute detail is fantastic it looks so realistic. Congratulations to you all though wish i could vote for you all. Good luck to the winner.

  2. Lone Ranger all the way! It’s beautiful artistry – and not just cuz I love The Depp- I can also vouch for the taste of cake made by Tim! Delicious!

  3. All the cakes are amazing and it took real artistic talent to make them but after looking at them all repeatedly my vote goes to the

  4. Loved the Lone Ranger cake since I first seen it.!! Timbo does amazing work and has done nothing but perfected it over time.!! Great Job.!!

  5. The Lone Ranger gets my vote. It was well thought-out and executed. Great details, colors were perfect. An exceptional cake done in modeling chocolate

  6. The baby blocks cake gets my vote, it’s perfect the colors of the modeling chocolate are perfect and blend so well together. It’s Beautiful!

  7. Johnny Depp would be thrilled with Tonto. The baby blocks are adorable I just wish fondant hadn’t been part of it, but the wine bottle is my favorite.

  8. The baby blocks cake is neatly done and looks amazing!! Baby blocks cake by Monica Mancini has my vote!!!

  9. I love the LONE RANGER cake. Amazingly talented cake designer!!!! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

  10. They all are amazing cakes executes perfectly! But I have a soft spot for Johnny depp and vote for tonto by cakes by timbo.

  11. My vote goes to Tim Sullivan for the AMAZING Tonto…the Lone Ranger. Your detail and design is so real that it is unreal! You have an amazing future Timbo…blessings to your creativity and drive! I can’t wait to see more of your work! 😉

  12. absolutely Lone Ranger Cake by Tim Sullivan of Cakes by Timbo. They quality of workmanship in this is second to none. Its the quality of art that you are compelled to look at again and again. Amazing talent

  13. That Pinocchio Cake is so spot on, like it stepped right off the Disney screen. Beautiful cake!!!

  14. Pinocchio Pinocchio PInnochio – how in the work did you get that sort of suspended detail?

  15. They’re all amazing but the Pinochio cake impresses me the most because of how he stands up, seemingly on one foot! That seems to take a special talent to achieve that balance entirely with edible ingredients.

  16. It’s such a hard choice they are all so good, but the baby blocks caked just catches my eye I can’t stop looking at it it’s so pretty.

  17. Vote goes to the Lone Ranger Cake it takes the use of modeling chocolate to a whole new plateau and displays a works of endless possibility.

  18. I like Tonto and Pinocchio both most of all but if I have to choose only one, then Tonto gets my vote…”final answer”!!

  19. The Baby Block Cake is my choice for best cake. Although, all of them are amazing and each one a work of art. Great job to all the talented and artistic decorators!

  20. The Lone Ranger cake for sure, the detail is amazing, just look at the feathers!!!! they are all awesome, but Tonto gets my vote!!

  21. They are all so fantastic but I have to go with the baby blocks the colors are amazing, I would’ve loved that for my baby shower.

  22. They are all wonderful and it is very tough to decide but….I am really drawn to the baby blocks cake. Love everything about it

  23. They are all amazing cakes, but I have to go with the Lone Ranger cake by Tim Sullivan. Great job getting the cake to look so realistic! Would love to see the step by step pics of the process!!

  24. The Lone Ranger Tonto cake is as FRESH as fresh can be. That is not just talent, that is GIFTED indeed. The others are nice, but that is the HOTNESS FOR SURE.

  25. All of the cakes are beautiful and so detailed. But my vote definitely goes to the Tonto Cake!!!!!!! Beautiful

  26. Cakes by Timbo’s Lone Ranger! Awesome sculpting and painting. Very realistic. However, amazing cakes done by all 🙂

  27. I know a lot of time and effort was put in by these very talented people, but Baby Blocks by far is the most beautiful, intricate work of art. It caught my eye immediately and without a doubt wins my vote!!!

  28. Looooooone Raaaaannnger!
    Hi-ooooo Silver/Timbo!
    Awesome cake as well as the other but my vote is for Tonto of the Lone Ranger!

    • I’m so glad you asked, that’s the reaction I was going for 🙂 Be sure to vote for your favorite cake. They are ALL amazing in their own way! -Timbo

  29. I think they are all very clever in their own ways. My favourites Baby Blocks and the Lone Ranger. Wonderful effort everyone.

    I vote for the Lone Ranger, magnificent work!!!!

  30. My vote is for the Lone Ranger Cake…its creative and looks life like. ..I love it. ..what a talented designer.

  31. With no question, it is the Lone Ranger cake….if I didn’t know it, I would have thought it was an actual statue….that is some AMAZING, DETAILED AND WELL CAPTURED WORK!!!!!!

  32. They are all fantastic … but I love the Wine Lovers Cake so that gets my vote 🙂

  33. Pinocchio cake! Made with great proportions and I know how difficult is to make parts hanging in the air..

  34. I absolutely love the wine bottle cake by Sarah Harris lol cummon who wouldn’t appreciate wine & chocolate 😉 x

  35. My vote is for the Gizmo cake. He looks just like the movie!!
    Great job on all the cakes!!

  36. It is so hard to decide because they are all so great in their own right. But, Timbo did a great job with his sculpting. Tonto Lone Ranger cake gets my vote.

  37. They are all amazing and so much hard work went into each of them. I admire your time and effort. My vote goes to the Tonto Lone Ranger cake by Timbo.

  38. Wowzer~~what a talented group of Artist!! Yet after scrolling & drooling through the page. I have to give it to “The Lone Ranger Cake” Just conveys & evokes such raw emotion when you look at it. ALL were extremely good yet it goes to~~~High Oh Silver Away!!!!

  39. I love all of them but I keep going back to the baby block cake it’s beautiful 🙂

  40. Wow these are all amzing so hard to decide!!! but i have to go with the Wine lovers cake, because of the details!! These must of taken hours to do!

  41. I vote for Lone Ranger just because it is so real looking and unique but all are beautiful cakes.

  42. All the cakes are awesome !!! Congrats to u all, what talent !!
    I vote for Lone Ranger.

  43. all of the cakes are beautiful I have a friend who is a collector and recognize that there are only two original gizmo dolls and that gizmo cake is an exact replica of that doll which is hard to find. well done.on that I vote gizmo.

  44. Wow just wow!
    All are just fantastic. Top 2 in my book are the Wine and Lone Ranger but the detail and complexity of the Lone Ranger win out

    Lone Ranger it is

  45. All fabulous works of art. Choosing just one I have to go with Timbo’s Tonto cake. Awesome work!

  46. I kept scrolling through all of them over and over again, I just couldn’t decide. They are all beautiful. But, I’m going to go with the Baby Blocks, the colors are beautiful and the flowers are so delicate. And I want something like that for my babies 1st birthday. Goodluck everyone, we got some really talented artists out there.

  47. They’re all wonderful–the gremlin is too cute! But my vote goes to The Lone Ranger also. WOW!

  48. I absolutely love the Lone Ranger cake! When I saw it I thought it was a random picture someone had uploaded but it’s a cake! My vote goes there.

  49. They are all great, but I’m voting for the “wine lover’s” cake. I really like the details 🙂

  50. Wow, great work by everyone! As I scrolled down I thought with every cake, this one wins. By the bottom, I was simply awestruck by the talent. But I’m drawn to the Lone Ranger just because it is so different than cakes we usually see. So that cake gets my vote in a contest that could be won by any of the finalists. Super!

  51. I love the Lone Ranger. It looked real. well done Cakes by Timbo


    • The Lone Ranger Cake I love the Love Ranger Cake By Tim Sullivan, the work on it the lines where clean, the cake was very nice. Cakes by Timbo

      • I like Lone Ranger Cake. It look so real and everything is just right.Nice work Cake by Timbo. I vote “LONE RANGER”