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It’s time for another reader appreciation giveaway! This time, I am gifting a free set of modeling chocolate tools (some of my favorite items).This goody bag, valued at $100, includes everything you’ll need to get started with the craft of rolled modeling chocolate.

Winner’s Loot

A. Parchment paper sheets
B. Large rolling pin + small rolling pin
C. Blush brush (for dusting with D, corn starch)
E. Mini roller cutter
F. Craft utility knife
G. Pasta machine

Modeling Chocolate Equipment

These are all tools that I own and use myself on a very regular basis. If you’ve already read my book, you’ll notice that this equipment is mentioned and used often throughout the tutorials.


Who Qualifies:

  1. You own my book or have read it by the end of August, 2013.
  2. You live in the U.S.A. (sorry international readers! My shipping budget has limits). 

How to Enter:

  1. Leave an honest review my book on the Barnes & Noble website. Anyone who has read the book can leave a review. You can write anonymously or with a pen name if you wish.
  2. Leave a comment on this page (in the comment field below) that includes your email (an email address is needed in order to contact you). Just let me know that you took the time to review my book on the Barnes & Noble website so that I can count you in the drawing.  All emails are kept safe and confidential.

The Purpose of this Giveaway:

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate is an independently published book so your reviews and feedback help tremendously. Thank you for supporting this indie author!

Giveaway ends on August 31, 2013

Where to Buy Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate:

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Modeling Chocolate Equipment Giveaway — 52 Comments

  1. I left a well-deserved review at Barnes and Noble. I love your book and keep it close so I can reference back to it as needed!

  2. I love the book! I can’t wait to try the pig! I didn’t know you could actually use modeling like fondant. Really cool techniques. Glad with the purchase. I picked it up the other day and used it for some tips. Thanks!

  3. Left a review:) you have an amazing book and I use it alllll the time!!! Absolutely love the recipe section…. Especially the frosting:)

  4. I left a review for your book on the Barnes and Noble website. I love it! I have gone front to back through the book several times, each time building up a bit more confidence in being able to pull off modeling chocolate! LOL! Being in Texas, anything with chocolate scares me with this heat! I can’t wait to give it a go, though! Thanks for the great resource!

  5. I was so anxious for this book! What a great job you did on giving simple yet informative information about the modeling chocolate world. You are super artistically talented. Thank you for this book Kristen… was well worth the wait!!!

  6. I left a review on B&N website! I would LOVE to win the wonderful tools!!! 🙂 The cake in the picture attached would have tasted really good covered in modeling chocolate 😉

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your love of chocolate in an easy-to-follow format! The only book on the market that captured my attention! Can’t wait to play!

  8. I love love love your book. I been going over it non stop since I got it yesterday. I can’t wait till this weekend so I can start my adventure in modeling chocolate. I ordered it from Amazon and left a review on B&N and Amazon.

  9. Just left a review at B&N. It wouldn’t let me leave my name si is annonymous. Left 8.2 starts with Awsome. Thanks so much. I really mean what I said in the review…..

  10. I was eagerly waiting for this book. Atlast !
     Left a review at B&N. I was so happy to get my book. It is so helpful for me who is a beginner i was very nervous to use modelling chocolate, this book helped me. I was able to reuse my spoilt chocolate (which i made it before i got this book) the result was great I was able to fix it and am so happy with that 🙂
    Thank you Kristen for writing it so simple and so clear which is so easy to understand for a person like me 🙂 I love the pictures.

  11. I left a review on Barnes & Noble website. I am new to modeling chocolate and your book is an excellent resource to get me started with using it. Thank you for writing it!

  12. Love you book. Will be trying out a few of the techniques in the upcoming month. Left a review for you and would love to be entered into your contest! Thanks!

  13. I left a review for you on the Barnes & Noble website. Your book has certainly made me feel better after failing Calculus 1 during the Summer Semester. Thank you for graciously sharing your talent.

  14. I love you book I have learned so much fromyour book I am new at baking I truly learned a lot thank you

  15. Left a five star review! After reading your book I’m not afraid of working with modeling chocolate. I’m going to dabble with it my next cake. Thank you!

  16. Left a 5 star review of a very deserving book! Thank you for giving me the courage to try modeling chocolate.

  17. I purchased your book when it first came out and went to Barnes and Noble to leave a review. Love the book and am excited about using modeling chocolate in my cake decorating. The book is written so that it’s easy to follow the tutorials and I am very anxious to see how it’s going to work out with my Christmas baking/decorating this year. Winning the giveaway would make it even better! Thanks for writing such a wonderful book.

  18. Have already used many of the techniques you demonstrate in the book. Love it! Would love to win the modeling set as well – I don’t yet have all those tools and they would be a big help!.

  19. I left a review on B&N although it would only let me do it anonymously. Love your book though!

  20. Oh and I did leave a 5 star review on Barnes and Noble even tho I bought it from amazon. And I left a 5 star review there too

  21. I could not wait to get my hands on this book after seeing it on Pinterest and I was not disappointed. I have at least 15 excellent cake books but this one beats them all!  Thank you thank you

  22. oh noooo, now I have to move to the US :p but I understand your shipping limits 🙂
    I ordered your book a few days ago at and the estimated delivery time is friday the 20the of SEPTEMBER !!! … almost 2 months and I wanted to start tomorrow :p can’t wait with decorating until september, so I’m reading your recipies and tutorials, I gonna be a happy girl when your book arrives 🙂

    • That sounds off in terms of shipping! Not sure why they are telling you it will take so long (are you sure you ordered off Amazon U.S.?). I’ve heard reports from folks as far away as Australia that it only takes 10-14 days from Amazon U.S. Hope you get it sooner than they said.

  23. Hi Kristen,

    I just got your book this week and left a review for you on the Barnes & Noble site. I so love your book. Are you really writing a Gingerbread House book? When will you publish it?


    • Yes I am really writing a gingerbread house book! In fact I have 5 – count ’em FIVE new books underway at the moment. Haha what can I say? I’m a fiendish multi-tasker. The gingerbread house book is a longer-term project but it is very much underway.