Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Competition

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Rules of the contest

1. Any cake shape or design qualifies for this contest. Extra points will be awarded for originality!

2. All entries must include the use of at least one technique involving modeling chocolate that is demonstrated in my book such as:

    • figurines sculpted from modeling chocolate
    • modeling chocolate-wrapped cake
    • modeling chocolate flowers and/or leaves as cake decoration
    • modeling chocolate shapes or garnish on a cake
    • modeling chocolate used as swag or drapery on a cake

3. Attach your entry in the comment field below. Be sure to leave your email address (all emails will be kept safe and confidential). If for some reason you cannot upload your entry, you may email it to me at and I will upload it for you.

The idea of this contest is to show off

what you can do with modeling chocolate

I invite you to put your own spin on any of the techniques in my book. I just learned a great trick for making figurines using lollipops from the Sugar Sweet Cakes & Treats blog so please take advantage of this any all great ideas that you learn from other sources. Be sure to cite the source of your awesome idea or design if credit is due!

For those who already own my modeling chocolate book who would like to consult with me about a particular technique, I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have via this email: Don’t hesitate to ask! And remember: like fondant, modeling chocolate requires patience and skill to master. Stick with it, keep practicing, and once you get the hang of it, you may just fall in love with modeling chocolate like I have. 

May the best cake win $250!

Contest expires on August 22, 2013

Click on my book below to see where you can find it:


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Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate Competition — 51 Comments

  1. Hello there! I went to pastry school right after high school, I wasn’t even 100% sure that’s what I wanted to do but I didn’t know what else there was for me. I had tons of fun while I was in pastry school, I love decorating and being creative. Now that I don’t work with food I realized how much I miss it. I cant wait to have a day off so I can create something new. I always say that I would like to have my own bakery some day, but for now I’m ok with just posting things online:)

  2. I LOVE modeling chocolate. It’s all that I use for my cakes. This bear is one of my favorites. Chocolate cake covered in modeling chocolate.

  3. Well these are all fantastic!!! This was my first ever attempt at using modeling chocolate since you told me about it. It definately is fun but I have a LOT of learning still. I made this one for Easter this year. Nobody would eat the bunny – only the carrots, and the kids thought I was trying to trick them into eating vegetables so they wouldn’t have any part of the carrots!

  4. This was my first time using modeling chocolate and it definitely made the difference. Gizmo is made from RKT and modeling chocolate. It was also used to make the darts and phone cord.

  5. This is My favorite cake I’ve made this year! I used Modeling chocolate to panel the blocks and for the numbers and the Blue flower is made form modeling chocolate. I love working with it! Thanks for letting us share 🙂

  6. This is a grooms cake I made. The grass is modeling chocolate and is wrapped all the way around the cake. The shotgun shells are Rice Krispie treats covered in modeling chocolate! The antlers are GumPaste and white chocolate. The entire thing is edible!

  7. The only 2 human faces iI have ever done. I made one (Tonto from The Lone Ranger) by using RKT and modeling chocolate to sculpt the face, and the other (Steam punk/Cosplay Poison Ivy) for a show piece, using modeling chocolate to make a whole new face for the dummy I used. Thanks again, for just letting us share. You’re dope! Lol

  8. the first wedding cake I’ve made , my friend ordered a cake for her wedding , luckily I’ve seen your recipe of Modeling chocolate, this cake was covered with white modeling chocolate from your recipe and for borders i’ve piped dots of white chocolate, then the drapes are also made of white modeling chocolate, which i’ve colored into red, followed your intructions about how to color modeling cholates, the cake toppers are also made of white modeling chocolate, piped some white chocolate for the brides gown, finally finished it with pearl dust ^_^

  9. Hey there just got your book….awesome, you have some amazing creations, thought I would share the birthday cake I made for my friends….not abs of steel but abs of modelling chocolate, using your tips and awesome recipe, first time using modelling choc

  10. These roses are made from Milk Modeling Chocolate, on sticks. A few have been given texture on their petals. My customers loved them. I dont know if this contest is open Internationally, but I am entering anyway. Thanks

  11. What wonderful things have and can be done with modeling chocolate! I made this Pinocchio cake for an avid puppet collector. It stood 2.5′ high and the sculpted head, arms, and legs and one foot were made entirely with modeling chocolate. The cake part is the body and the standing foot that is covered with a combination of fondant and modeling chocolate. Thank you for letting me share!

  12. Hi, this is my first time with modeling chocolate. The washer body is made with styrofoam and then covered with chocolate, the girl and everything else also. I made this for my 39 birthday it shows a little of how we superwoman of today deal with our every day shores. Hope u like it.

  13. I made this fishing tackle box cake for a groom who loves to fish!!! Tackle box and fish are made from chocolate cake/ganach and hazelnut cream filling and decorated with modeling chocolate details!!! Enjoy!

  14. I made this for my wife’s Boss who once a year hikes the Scottish mountains braving the snow and staying in a bothy (essentially a remote shed!) The figures and their camping gear are modelling chocolate with dry spaghetti for support and the cake is covered with fondant.

  15. A surprise cake I made for my niece who has the same name as me! Everything is edible and mostly chocolate. Chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache for the crate and wine bottle, and a combination of modelling chocolate and fondant for the decorations. The picture frame is embossed modelling chocolate; the picture is an edible print of my niece and her daughter. The wine label is an edible print and includes her name and year of birth.

  16. This is a humidor/cigar cake I made for a friend of mine who turned 50. The cake is covered in fondant, all accessories are made of modeling chocolate, including cigars.

  17. I left a review on B and N. I love your book! I have made several batches of modeling chocolate (only one was a disaster!). Teaching a friend today how to make roses. Thanks for your clear instructions and the great pictures.

  18. this cake i made for a viking wedding..its a meter long viking long boat…everthing that is brown is made from modeling chocolate and everything on the cake is edible..the mast was a stick of rock candy and the sail was rice paper…it took many hours to make and had to be made on a wood support screwed to the wooded base board due to the weight of the cake and the angles of it.the bride and groom where overjoyed with it and cut it with a sword but not b4 they had a photo took with them in the background and the cake forefront so it looked as if they were sat in the boat…fanrastic day and well worth the 2 hr delivery drive x

  19. This is a Wilton design with instructions for it to be made with royal icing and the color flow technique. Instead, I used modeling chocolate for everything around, on top and bottom of the cake except for the pearls which are 50-50 modeling chocolate and fondant. Everything is highlighted with super pearl dust.I made it for my daughter’s birthday. The lemon flavored cake is gluten-free with lemon curd filling and buttercream icing.

  20. My son and I saw Wicked in New York last summer and loved it so I chose this to make for his birthday. I used modeling chocolate to make the flying monkeys cutting them out with an xacto knife. I used fondant to make the witches on the top. It was my first time using both and I’m hooked!

  21. This is a cake I did this past weekend. The entire face is made with white modeling chocolate, and I even took step by step pics as I made the cake! It was my 1st time working with white chocolate and my 1st life sized face cake. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Timbo Sullivan
    Cakes By Timbo

  22. This is a Mardi Gras bridal shower cake, frosted in Swiss Meringue Buttercream with candy coated chocolate beads. The engaged couple love New Orleans and the bride’s sister wanted to surprise her with this unique cake. The life-size mask, ribbons and frills were sculpted from modeling chocolate and highlighted with luster dusts.

  23. This is a Mardi Gras bridal shower cake, frosted in Swiss Meringue Buttercream with candy coated chocolate beads. The life-size mask, ribbons and frills were sculpted from modeling chocolate and highlighted with luster dusts.

  24. I made this for my SIL’s birthday. She loves all things Victorian and ‘Downton Abbey-ish’. I used modeling chocolate for the cage and used it to wrap the base as well. I brushed the chocolate with gold highlighter to achieve the antique look.

  25. I love your book (bought it 2 weeks ago). I made modeling chocolate for a wedding cake I am making in 2 weeks. So excited to try it.

  26. I love working with modelling chocolate. I made this Ghost Rider cake for my friends 40th birthday. The head was a stryo foam ball, I used modelling chocolate to sculpt the skull and the neck, the flames were made from gumpaste. The leather jacket was the cake covered in fondant and the chain was also made from gumpaste. The cake was chocolate with cookies n creme filling.

  27. I made this cake for my moms birthday. Chocolate cake with chocolate Bavarian cream filling. The cake is wrapped in molded modeling chocolate and all the roses and leaves were made from colored white modeling chocolate.

  28. Here is a cake that I made for a unique bride and groom having their wedding at a local zoo. The fairy had on the bride’s gown and I suppose the groom thought of himself as a dragon of sorts.
    The dragon is sculpted from modeling chocolate.

  29. The entire cake is covered in modeling chocolate, and the figures are sculpted from modeling chocolate as well. It is an improvised recreation of one of my favorite works of art: The lament for Icarus.

  30. This is our own wedding cake, I asked my lovely wife-to-be what she would most like: “Ivory swirls and roses!” …and this is what I made her! I literally could not have done this without modelling chocolate; the strips would have been impossible to lift and attach in fondant… the only trouble is that the kids pinched and devoured all the yummy roses!!

  31. This is one of my favourite cakes so far , it is a pink velvet cake coated with soft pink chocolate and all the flowers and butterflies are chocolate , the flowers are modelling chocolate and ive made them all myself