Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

This tutorial demonstrates how to sculpt 3D horn snail and moon snail shells out of modeling chocolate to decorate a beach themed cake. This is page 2 of 4 of the Modeling Chocolate Seashells Tutorial. 

VIDEO: Modeling Chocolate Seashells 

Step-by-Step Instructions

A. Marble white modeling chocolate with brown modeling chocolate. Also marble white modeling chocolate with pink modeling chocolate. Follow this link to see a slower video on how to marble modeling chocolate.

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

B. Cut the marbled modeling chocolate into equal sized portions.

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells
C. Roll each portion between two palms until it is rounded and oblong.

D. Roll each oblong piece against the tabletop while tapering one end to a point so that the result is a long pollywog shape.

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells
E. Use a ball tool (from this kit) to hollow out the thick head of the pollywog. Start with the smaller ball first, to make an impression before using the larger ball to widen the hole. This hole eventually becomes the opening of the shell.

F. Pinch the hollowed out walls of the hole until they are thin and slightly stretched-out looking.

The shape made using steps A-F may be used to make both of the following kinds of snail shells.

How to Make Horn Snail Shells

Modeling Chocolate Horn Snail Shell

1. To make the horn snail, begin coiling the tube vertically in a tight cone shape, starting with the thin base and ending at the thick end with the opening.

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

2. Once the spiral is complete, pinch the mouth of the shell and fasten it onto the back end. The opening of a horn snail is teardrop shaped.

How to Make Moon Snail Shells

Modeling Chocolate Moon Snail Shell

1. To make a moon snail, coil the tube in a spiral shape, beginning with the small end first. Coil the modeling chocolate so that the tight center of spiral slightly sits higher up in the air. This should leave a hollow opening underneath the center of the shell so that only the outside coils touch the tabletop.

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

2. Pull the back side of the opening around the base of the coil and fasten it down by pressing the modeling chocolate into itself. The mouth of the moon snail shell is shaped like a comma.

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

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Modeling Chocolate Seashells

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