Modeling Chocolate Seashell Cake Tutorial

Modeling Chocolate Seashells The following tutorial demonstrates how to make five different styles of seashells out of modeling chocolate including snails, starfish, sand dollars, and scallops.

VIDEO: Modeling Chocolate Seashells 

The beach themed baby shower cake used in this tutorial was finished with smooth buttercream frosting, a chocolate dripping effect, edible cake sand, and modeling chocolate seashells.

Modeling Chocolate Seashells Tutorial

Modeling Chocolate Shell Tutorial Index

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

Click on the photos below to jump straight to the step-by-step version of each tutorial.

Modeling Chocolate Moon & Horn Snail Shell Tutorial Modeling Chocolate Snail Shells

Modeling Chocolate Starfish Tutorial Modeling Chocolate Seashells

Modeling Chocolate Sand Dollars & Scallop Shells Tutorial Modeling Chocolate Sand Dollars and Scallop Shells

Beach Themed Cake Parts

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

The finished cake had a thin veneer of pink buttercream over the frosting, which was added to the surface using a bench scraper. The top tier sat off center to make a ledge for resting seashells. The cake drum was wider than usual to make another ledge for more shells and edible cake sand.

Edible Beach Sand

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

The cake sand was made from leftover cake that was toasted and passed through a food processor then mixed with gold leaf flakes. It was spooned onto the ledges of the cake and attached to the cake drum with melted chocolate.

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

The five kinds of modeling chocolate seashells that appear on this cake are listed below. Continue reading or click on a link to jump straight to its tutorial.

Sandwich Cookie Topper

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

The topper was made from two hazelnut dacquoise cookies sandwiched with dark chocolate and dipped in dark chocolate. The inscription was made from piped chocolate. Go here to learn more about cake writing with melted chocolate.

Modeling Chocolate Seashells

Modeling Chocolate Seashells Tutorial

Modeling Chocolate Seashell Tutorial Index

Moon & Horn Snail Shell Tutorial
Starfish Tutorial
Sand Dollar & Scallop Shell Tutorial

Modeling Chocolate Seashells Tutorial

NEXT: How to Make Edible Snail Shells
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Modeling Chocolate Seashells

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Modeling Chocolate Seashells

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