Chocolate Kanzashi Flowers PART 2

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

Flower Assembly

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial This is Part 2. Go here to read Part 1 of the Modeling Chocolate Kanzashi Flower Tutorial

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

7. Fill a parchment paper piping cone with melted chocolate.

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial
8. Cover the circular modeling chocolate backings with melted chocolate then arrange the petals on top to secure the flower pieces together. Arrange the flowers however you like, with however many petals look good to you.

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial
9. To make flower centers that are round and flat like buttons, pipe circles onto a piece or parchment paper then tap on the pan to smooth out the surface of the chocolate. Allow them to set in a cool place.

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

10. To complete the flowers, add a dab of melted chocolate to the centers. Using a small offset spatula, transfer the chocolate buttons into place. Allow the finished flowers to set before handling them again.

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

To attach the flowers to the side of a cake that’s frosted in buttercream, use a dab of buttercream.

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

In case you missed it, make sure to check out Part 1 of the Modeling Chocolate Kanzashi Flower Tutorial, which includes a video tutorial demonstrating this technique.

Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

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  Folded Kanzashi Flowers Tutorial

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