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Winner: Julie Freund

Congrats, Julie! Thanks for buying my book, reviewing it on Amazon, and helping so much to spread the word. You rock! I hope you enjoy your new pans 🙂

Wicked Goodies Cake Pan Set Giveaway I’m declaring June reader appreciation month here at Wicked Goodies and to celebrate, am giving away a sweet brand new 14-piece set of cake baking pans valued at $150.

These are the same kind of pans that I own and use. You can read more about why I like them here. The measurements in the set are as follows: 3×3″, 4×3″, 5×3″, 6×3″, 7×3″, 8×3″, 9×3″, 10×3″, 11×3″, 12×3″, 13×3″, 14×3″, 15×3″, 16×3″ and the pans nest within themselves for ergonomic storage. They are sturdy, professional-grade, and dishwasher safe aluminum. I love Fat Daddio’s pans!

How to Enter the Drawing

Step 1: Buy my book on (if you already own a copy, you qualify! If they are temporarily out of stock, order it anyway, and it will be there soon. We’ve got 200 more units shipping out to the Amazon warehouses this week).

Step 2: Leave a comment on the modeling chocolate recipe page of my website letting me know that you bought my book (your email address will be kept safe and confidential).

That’s it!
Note: Offer applies only to U.S. residents

Bonus Options

â–ş To be entered four additional times in the drawing, review my book on (you must first own the book in order to review it). Make sure that you also follow Step 2 so that your entry is counted. Please add in your comment that you’ve left a review on Amazon.

â–şTo be entered up to three more additional times in the drawing, share the link to my book or this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest  (one additional time per share). Please add in step 2 the ways in which you’ve spread the word so that each effort is counted in the drawing.

Good luck! Offer ends on June 27, 2013 book link


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Cake Pan Set Giveaway — 17 Comments

  1. I pre-ordered your book before it was available. It can out faster than I was expected. I Owen a lot of book, but this one is the only one of his kind. Thanks for this treasure.
    By the way, I would like to be in the cake pan drawing as well.
    Thanks so very much.

  2. Hello, I’d like to buy you book but no longer have an Amazon account. Can I buy it from another source and still be entered into the contest?

  3. Pre-ordered the book and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. GREAT pictures…the step by step….made the Pig Cake (as a groom’s cake) they all loved it.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with the world in the form of a book!

  4. Can’t wait to get your book! Amazon is out of stock right now and will let me know when it is available. CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. I love your book! The details are the best, as are the graphics. I hope you publish many more! Thank you!

  6. I own your book. Love it and use it and already commented on Amaxon:). Was the first to do so too:)

  7. I pre-ordered your book. I am amazed by your creativity. The directions are very clear, straightforward and easy to follow. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now…and love it!!

  8. I own the book and it is fantastic!! Kristen, you have so much talent and the fact that you are willing to share that is a blessing. I love the recipes, tutorials and the examples of your work. I love it so much that I left a review on Amazon so hopefully other people thinking about buying it will do so. I also shared on my facebook page and on pinterest. Thank you for this opportunity and for your wonderful book!!!

  9. I got your book a couple of weeks ago (had pre-ordered it months ago) and used it this past weekend for a fairy cake. It was such a fantastic help – the recipes, the tips, the recommended tools, and the vivid photos. Thanks so much!!