Ugly Cake Contest


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This contest applies to anyone in the world who has ever made an ugly cake 😉

Ugly Cake Contest

I am giving away a free inscribed copy of my new cake decorating book to whomever can make us cringe the hardest. The person with the photo of the ugliest, most unstable, tacky, or awkward cake wins! So bust out your shoe box of embarrassing old cake photos, folks because we are celebrating the worst-of-the-worst this week. Hey…we’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

Contest Rules

  • Post your worst ever cake photo with caption in the comment section of this page below. 
  • JPEG photos only (ideally, 600 px wide).
  • Limit of one photo and one entry per person.
  • Please only enter work that is your own.
  • If you have trouble uploading your photo, leave your caption in the comment section of this page, email me your photo at and I will manually upload it into your comment’s field.
  • Your email will remain private so you can enter anonymously if you wish! 


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Ugly Cake Contest — 29 Comments

  1. This cake is my first attempt at our wedding cake. A year and a half prior to our wedding, since I did all the cooking, I told my fiance, I want to make the cake. She said, are you sure? Sheesh, I cook all the time, how hard could it be? This picture is a result of my cockiness. I’m glad I sought help right after.

  2. This was my first ever attempt at several things: stacking a cake (oh my forgot the supports), coloring and applying fondant (where are my edges?), fondant bow (goodness, the loops have to dry first?), and mixing/applying royal icing (you mean it works better if there is less water?). Good thing I learn from my “disasters”! LOL.

  3. looked through some of my first cakes and came across this!!! forgot about this cake ..for good reasons!The color combination on it’s own is offensive!

  4. A cake that nothing wanted to go right on and became a last minute “just get it finished!” The cupcakes are supposed to be Elmo. Ha! This was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday 4 years ago. It was supposed to be a replica of MY 2nd birthday cake 29 years before that! (My dad did a much better job on my cake than I did for my daughter I am sad to say!)

  5. This cake was my attempt at making a ‘Beyblade” cake for my grandson…. It was stable.. too stable in fact… the poor kid couldnt cut through the outside ‘ring’ is ‘chocolate crackle’ cos we couldnt get the RKT to form well enough and the inner is the cake itself.. it stood on a tip like a real spinning top… and was doweled with a 3/4 inch shaft through the whole cake (my husbands idea of security) – dimensions were approx 40cm high, and 30cm round 🙂
    The dark blue is modeling chocolate, the grey is marshmallow fondant, and the little disk on top was another of my darling husbands attempts at getting this just ‘right’
    All in all.. our grandson loved his cake… the taste was pretty the chocolate crackles part was frozen and kept here for the kids to enjoy each time they visited us :p

  6. This is my second ever cake, made with lots of love for my son’s third birthday – I have come a looooong way since then, even if I say so myself :). He loved it and at the time I was really proud of the work that I have done. Now I look at it and shrink, but practice makes perfect :).

    • Oh wow! That’s a little lumpy but all-in-all is a beautiful cake! And quite good for your second cake ever. My early cakes were more blob-shaped. This is amazing in comparison 🙂

  7. did this one for the group I volunteer for. no one else wanted to make it…LOL

    • A Bieber cake! Nice entry as this would indeed be considered an ‘ugly’ cake by all the rabid non-beliebers out there. In fact in the wrong company, it would probably be in danger of getting punched out. Really nice job on it technically! I’m sure Madison just loved it 🙂

  8. I made this “Labor Day” cake for a co-worker in 2010! It was a hit to say the least!!

  9. This cake i make for my father in law, and this is my first tempt to make sculpted race car, and all a mess because the picture that my husband give me for the sample pic was all different and i was not know it or not really pay attention about the different pic before, until i try to carve my cake and knowing that was something wrong with the picture :)))
    well i really have to pay attention about the picture in the first place, and this car was what i got from my point off view, and very ugly. But i still proud with my creation, because i learn in the hard way, without any education to make cake or decorate cake, all my cake i learn my self.

  10. This was my first attempt at any sort of formed cake, using any kind of paste food coloring and had no clue what I was doing. I stopped even trying for several years after this one. I used “pre-made” frosting in a can, tried to mix in the coloring, which didn’t seem to want to take, so of course I kept adding to it. The weights are a wooden dowel with two cookies covered in black “can” frosting. We had friends coming over to watch the UFC fights. Luckily I made a basic backup dessert. Everyone tried this cake but unfortunately, we all had black and blue tongue, lips and teeth for the rest of the night. I might also add that putting large amounts of food coloring in frosting makes the frosting taste like chemicals. It was HORRIBLE.

  11. Here is an email entry. The talented baker who made it said, “I couldn’t resist looking through my first cakes – they were all terrible but I think this is the worst! I don’t even know how it was humanly possible to get fondant to look this bad but I did it! Haha!” Make sure to click on the photo to view this lumpy cake in all of its glory.

  12. My first and only cake that I have made . . . used your recipe for modeling chocolate! The fact that it made it to the shower was good but the cake fight afterwards was hilarious.