Gadget Storage Ideas

Vintage 2010 blog post Cake gadget storage solutions by Wicked Goodies

It’s like perpetual art period or crafternoon up in here except instead of construction paper all over the place, it’s modeling chocolate and instead of paint on the elbow, it’s buttercream. Here is how I keep the gadgets organized. 

First, I’ve got my piping tips on a spool rack, my spatulas and knives on a magnetic knife rack, my paint brushes and assorted small tools in hanging cups

I keep all the commonly used items in large caddies and small caddies: 

Kitchen Gadget Storage by Wicked Goodies

All the sculpting tools live in a pencil box:

Scrapbooking containers keep all the cutters and silicone molds stacked and sorted:

I like to keep my markers in flower pots:

In the production area, I’ve got everything on metro and baking racks.

Everything has its place here.

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Gadget Storage Ideas — 7 Comments

  1. I may have missed it, but where did you get the hanging cups? They appear to be silicone… Wouldn’t it be a good idea, if one is going to post such things to say where the pertinent items were purchased, if still available? It certainly looks nice.

    • You make a good point. Although this is a blog, which means I am in no way obligated to do anything useful or pertinent, I do most certainly aim to be useful and pertinent so I am happy to revise this article to include a link as these now have a listing on Amazon here: Bygel cups from Ikea. Five years after publishing this post, I still own them and use them daily – they are hanging over my desk full of markers and pens – so it’s fair to say they were a worthy investment with a multitude of uses.

  2. I bought a spinning tool organizer at Hobby Lobby to put all my fondant tools, brushes, fondant rolling pin,scissors,rulers,small knives, spatulas, lifters,softening tools,brushes, tweezers. On the bottom it has 4 small drawers I have my waterpens,needles and my pins. I love this organizer because it spins and it has a lot of compartments.

  3. are the sculpting tools with the wooden handles a set? and are they artistry tools like from Michaels, etc or actually from cake decorating supplies? I can’t seem to find anything like those but would love to know where to get them. But also… what brand of coloring do you use that is in the tall bottles? One of the problems I’ve had with Wilton colors (like your small containers) is I can never get red or black to be more than dark pink or dark gray – I’ve tried in homemade icing, even in store bought containers of frosting, etc. and I tried in fondant and in white chocolate making candies and I see your molding chocolate there has a beautiful red. Thank you so much!! and I love your whole site – you are so gracious to share so many tutorials and tips!!!!