Useful Cake Decorating Tools

Cake Sculpting Tools

1. Rubber gloves
to prevent dying hands when working with colors.
2. Styrofoam brick wrapped in plastic wrap, to anchor figurines in process.
3. Yard/meter stick to measure and trim rolled chocolate.
4. Flexible measuring tape for measuring contoured cakes
5. Spoon for thinning edges of rolled chocolate
6. Pointed sculpting implement, part of this great kit
7. Double-ended ball tool, part of this great kit
8. Flat sculpting implement, part of this great kit
9. Pointed/blunt sculpting implement, part of this great kit
10. Scissors
11. Small paint brush
12. Rainbow disco dust
13. Super pearl dust
14. Silk white luster dust
15. Gold dust
16. Styrofoam balls, for building figurines
17. Lollipop sticks, for building figurines
18. Fondant smoother for smoothing rolled chocolate inlays and wraps
19. Round microcutters or alternatively:
20. Round piping tips for cutting small circles of rolled chocolate
21. Clay extruder for forming ropes and strings of modeling chocolate. The basic load-and-push variety is the easiest to clean and use. I recommend Sculpey® brand, which comes with a collection of dies.

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Useful Cake Decorating Tools — 3 Comments

  1. I love all your creative ideas. I watched you on Fabulous Cakes. I’m just getting started. Although, you are in San Diego do you ever teach a class? I would be willing to drive out there to learn from you. I have 2 friends that would love it as well. I can’t afford very much, due to being on disability.

    Thank you for sharing,