Gingerbread House Competition Planning

Gingerbread House Train Template
Oh yes that’s right, folks. Winter is choo-chooing this way. It’s time for mittens and parkas and icicle-licking. In a few weeks, up go the wreaths, ol’ stockings, twinkly lights, candles, and spray-on window frost. Gee I wonder how many yuletide tchotchkes can be crammed onto one mantle….

Gingerbread House Ski Chalet

My favorite part of this time of the year is gingerbread house building. Here are a couple of photos of my structure from last year to get you warmed up for this year’s project.

Alice in Wonderland Gingerbread House
Alice in Wonderland Gingerbread House
Alice in Wonderland Gingerbread House
This year’s structure will be a giant interpretation of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. It will be revealed at the Hotel Grand Del Mar on December 1st at the Gingerbread City 2010 Competition. I am making the donation on behalf of Wicked Goodies. It will be raffled off in a live auction – all proceeds to benefit epilepsy research and camp for kids who suffer from epilepsy. The event is sponsored by the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego County Tickets to the event start at $250 and are still available. Tune into my Facebook Page for sneak peaks of this work progress.

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