Winner of Ugly Cake Contest


Extremely naughty cakes below!



when I say naughty,

I mean some



cakes are posted below.

So if your boss

or your kids

are lurking around,

then I’d suggest

coming back

to this page later.

2nd Runner-up

Cross Fit Cake

Weight Lifter Cake

You’d probably grimace too if you tried to pump that much iron with a pair of triangle arms.

1st Runner-up

Baby Shower CakeBaby Shower Cake

Look, ma! No hands!


Wedding Cake FailWedding Cake Fail

Results of one guy’s attempt to make his own wedding cake.


Zombie Hamster Cupcake
Zombie Hamster Cupcake

If there were a special hell for ugly cakes, the damned souls would probably look like this here cupcake.

 *** WINNER ***

Vagina Cake

Snatch Bomb Cake

I know, I know…this cake is kinda shocking! Not only is it a 100% raw interpretation of the female anatomy but the hair, made of kataifi (fine strips of phyllo pastry…delicious stuff) looks wicked bushy and realistic! This cake won the vote hands down. Congrats!

I’d also like to acknowledge the artist who is responsible for the below cupcakes, which were far too pretty to win the ugly cake contest, but are so diverse and clever in their use of decor (yep, there’s bacon lips and a real cherry!) that I just had to say, thanks for sharing!

Vagina Cupcakes

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