Round Cylinder Cake Frosting 3

Round Cylinder Cake Frosting

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Distributing the Frosting

How to Frost a Cylinder Cake

1. Begin by frosting a cylinder cake from the top down with a medium-sized offset spatula. First, heap the buttercream on top of the cake, then spread it evenly out to the edges, so that there’s a brim of frosting running around the entire top edge. Then begin working it down the sides of the cake. This part takes practice to get good at so be patient with yourself. If the frosting flops off the cake onto your turntable, that’s okay. Scoop it up with the blade of the spatula and put it right back onto the cake. Add more buttercream the cake as needed to fill in gaps or even out crooked parts. Always use a little more buttercream than is actually needed.

Remember that the frosting can always be distributed with a speed tip if you happen to own such a tool.

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