Round Cylinder Cake Frosting 4

Round Cylinder Cake Frosting

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Frosting with a Bench Scraper

How to Frost a Cylinder Cake

2. While the frosting is still soft, hold a flat bench scraper blade to the side of the cake while spinning the cake wheel. This will quickly reveal any areas that are thin. Don’t press too hard into the soft frosting at this stage. The point is only to get a sense of where there are gaps in thickness.

3. Add more frosting as needed to those places that are thin. You can use the bench scraper to move or distribute the frosting around the sides of the cake at this stage. Push frosting around by using the flatter side of the blade. Scrape frosting away by using the sharper end of the blade.

4. Once the frosting is evenly distributed, slowly work the blade up the side of the cake while spinning the wheel to form a lip around the top edge of the cake. There will be noticeable spatula marks peeling around the cake at this stage. That is okay. Leave them alone.

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