Cake Frosting Basics 8 – Speed Tip

Cake Frosting Basics

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Speed Tip Option

Some professional decorators swear by the speed tip, which is a jumbo piping tip that when paired with a piping bag can be used to distribute an even amount of frosting all over a cake. It works particularly well when frosting rectangular sheet cakes or square cake tiers that are more tedious to coat. When this method is used in commercial bakeries, the purpose is to streamline the decorating process and avoid the need for a crumb coat. Since it requires having two more pieces of equipment, a bag that needs to be filled over and over then eventually cleaned, it’s not the most efficient tool. However the speed tip is a great short cut tool for getting frosting right onto the cake where you want it.

Speed Tip

If you chose to work with a speed tip, I recommend pairing it with a large pastry bag (at least 18”) and aiming the teeth towards the cake when applying the frosting. Pipe one layer of frosting evenly all over the cake, laying it down in strips. Avoid pulling the tip too far away from the surface of the cake while piping as that causes the frosting to droop.

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