Buttercream Frosting Recipe 4 – Vanilla Recipe — 22 Comments

  1. I wonder if replacing all of the butter with HR shortening will produce the same smoothness? I am in Texas and have an outside wedding so we have to use shortening in this humid hot region. Oh AND it’s going to be a square topsy turvy…yeah me! hahahah. I’m going to try it out! Fingers crossed! Thank you for all of your tutorials…

    • Not a silly question – others have asked. The answer is no, this is not a crusting buttercream. Crusting happens with shortening-based frostings and egg white meringue type frostings (like whipped 7 minute frostings), never with all-butter buttercream.

    • I’m not sure if that would work adding so much lime juice to the buttercream as I have not tried it myself. If you want to make a lime-flavored buttercream, your safer bet would be to keep the recipe as-is and add lime extract in place of the vanilla. If the objective is to substitute the milk for something non-dairy, then I would use almond milk or coconut milk instead.

      Adding puréed strawberries to buttercream will make it taste great but loose its looks. Strawberry puree is so liquidy and slippery that it doesn’t mix with the butter. Instead, it causes the buttercream to loose its emulsion and curdle. The better approach is to soak the pureed strawberries into the cake sponge then layer the buttercream on top of that.

  2. Hi… I have a question about the color… If I need to take a White Snow color its better use Shortening High Ratio or just White Color?

    • Hi, I suppose it’s up to you. If you want to use shortening, go for it! However I think it’s okay if the frosting “snow” is a little yellow. As long as it appears in the context of a winter scene, people will get that it’s snow then appreciate the taste of real butter. When it comes to food, it’s okay if the color is not an exact match.

    • Yes you can pass it through the food processor again if it loses its smooth texture. Make sure it is thoroughly defrosted before you do it. However I only find it necessary to mix with a spatula after storing/thawing.

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