Buttercream Frosting Recipe 2 – Video — 18 Comments

  1. HELP! I enrolled in and paid for the smooth buttercream course but cannot seem to get access. Whenever I follow the prompt that says “enrolled students click here” it sends me to the page that describes the course and lists the content but I keep going round and round and getting nowhere! I am so anxious to get started but I cannot figure out how!

    • Rita,
      It appears that your payment did not process. I could not find record of a subscription under your first and last name. Did you see a charge on your paypal or credit card account? If so, please forward the info on and I will see if I can get this cleared up as soon as possible.

  2. I have been making buttercream frosting for seriously 17 years and have never heard of the food processor trick. Awesome!

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