Let Them NOT Eat Cake

VIDEO: Let Them NOT Eat Cake

We don’t know for sure who said it and when it was said but the story of “Let Them Eat Cake” is one of poor governing, greed, ignorance, and wealth inequality. Whether it is a factually accurate story or not is beside the point. These words matter.

Moral: don’t use this phrase for your bakery business.

I studied French history & culture in France
Wikipedia: Marie Antoinette
Wikipedia: French Revolution

Let Them NOT Eat Cake

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Let Them NOT Eat Cake — 12 Comments

  1. I love that you know that! I love more the way you told it . My business is Special Occasions – Cakes, Etc It started off as Cakes, Etc because I did full dainty and finger food spreads. When I “went straight” and started doing more interesting cakes, cookies, and specialized baked goods, the girl who designed my first business card recommended the name expansion. It suits well to cover the human and puppy goodies I create,as well as the classes I teach. Best advice I’ve taken so far.

  2. We are The Sweetery Bake Shop. When we were looking at the idea of opening a shop, I had a whole list or different words and names I had been considering for months before, including our now name. Then one day, my son-in-law, who had never seen my list, brought up that name…The Sweetery. I just knew it was meant to be. We do custom cakes, cupcakes, case goods, and have a good selection of commercial retro candies. Thanks for your cute videos!

  3. Your videos are very entertaining and full of information. Thanks!

    My business is Fun Fiesta Cakes… I wanted to convey a feeling of celebration, confetti, fun… thus the name.

  4. This was an interesting story about French history.
    So my business is called Yummy Cakes. Before I started my business people often said my cakes were yummy. I didn’t have to look much further…

  5. Thank you for another great video; I’ve always wondered why anyone would ever want that as a business name!! Mine is Cakes by Sheri Rae – I used my first and middle name but not my last because it could change lol not creative but it’s all mine!

  6. I do not have a cake business name; however, years ago, as a fitness instructor I dreamed of owning a fitness studio. At the time I lived on Long Island and came up with the name L.I.F.E. (an acronym for Long Island Fitness Experience)!

  7. The name of my bakery is The Sugar Queen. When I was trying to come up with a name a friend gave me a book with the same name. It was a great book and I think the name is perfect for my business.
    Love your books and the videos.

  8. Thank you so much for that, now I understand why people always say “ what do you want your cake and to eat it to? Make a
    I chose R and R Cakery because they are my husband Rick and my name Renee first intial, but you I tell clients that we It is for rest and relaxation for them because I want them not to worry about the event once they order the cake or dessert that they need.

  9. That is great info!!! Now I’ll never see that quote the same again! The name that my husband and I came up with was “Curly Girl Bakes”. Reason why is because my hair is curly as all get out and of course I’m a girl that LOVES baking.