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  1. Here is a photo of a cake I made for Nowruz, the Persian new year, last night. Partygoers jump over a bonfire to burn away the old year and ask for health and good luck in the new year. I made this bonfire cake from a gluten-free almond cake, apricot glaze, chocolate firewood, and sugar flames. It was delicious.

  2. Background:
    Grandfather = Lebanon
    Grandmother = Oaxaca, Mexico
    Mother = Mexico City

    I am first generation US born (from my Mom’s side, don’t know anything about Dad’s side)

    You’ve got whistling skills! haha

  3. My family loves gumbo and home made bread.Since my grandmother passed in 2005 I try and make the bread now. Alot of my family told me that it almost taste like hers and for that I’m truly happy.Love your blogs so keep doing what you do.

  4. Love me some baklava! I’m Puerto Rican and my husband is Caucasian and during Christmas time he always have me make Coquito (pr eggnog), arroz con dulce (candied rice pudding), and especially his favorite majarete (rice flour coconut pudding). So it’s definitely a coconut celebration tradition! That’s awesome that you’re coordinating with your mouth! (My 3yr old can whistle louder than me!) I’ve been working on playing piano and singing, definitely not that easy for me! Keep up the vlogging!

  5. Love your Baklava! It’s been quite some time since I’ve had some. I also love your gingerbread houses ~ adorable!!! Boy can I use those cake boards!!! I go through them like crazy and am getting very low on my stock. As for my heritage, we make the Tres Leche cake but right now, I am drinking my “Coquito”. That is the Puerto Rican eggnog and one of these days I will test it on a cake recipe. In the meantime, I found my copy of your “Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate” book ~ woohoo!!! Look forward to more of your postings. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. I am so excited with myself for guessing baklava so early on in your video, ha!
    Kristen, it really does seem that you are making great progress with the guitar in such a short time-good for you! Sounds great!

  7. Baklava looks great! I’m Irish/Mexican, so the Mexican wedding cookies with Irish coffee is a tradition at our house!

  8. Lovely baklava! I love to celebrate many different holidays, especially with memorable sweets. We just had our Chinese New Year party on Saturday. Twenty people came to our house for a Chinese dinner, music, a quiz with answers by Confucius,lucky new years candy, and a spin on the Wheel of Lucky Fortunes. Here is a photo of my Year of the Rooster cake. He appeared in a cloud of homemade cotton candy and was delicious.

  9. Now I have to try pistachios in my baklava after 30 years of walnuts! Looks amazing! Czech heritage and British so Christmas is Roast Beef with Yorkshire pudding and kolachi for dessert. But love all ethnic foods! Great job with my favorite protest song!

  10. Love baklava! My grandmother was polish and taught me to make nut rolls 40 years ago. I still make them every Christmas.

  11. I was adopted at age 11 days. I later learned that my biological parents were Swedish (bio father) and Greek (bio mother) descent, first generation in the USA. The lovely people who adopted me and whom I considered as my parents, were Americans and their parents immigrated from Russia and Poland.
    I got a little of lots of countries! I think most of us can trace our roots to other lands.
    And I too love baklava!

  12. That dessert looks like baklava!
    My heritage is Italian/Sicilian. My grandma taught me to make all sorts of deliciousness but her famed red sauce, meatballs, lasagna and eggplant parmigiana are the ones I make most!!

  13. My heritage is Scandinavian, Spanish, American Indian mix. Woo who!!
    Our unusual tradition that I am carrying on is an Easter breakfast dish called Eggs Golden Rod and it is absolutely as sinful as the calories in it. Of course it served with ham, bacon and heavily buttered homemade biscuits, orange juice, coffee and/or milk. Yummy!
    My Nana (grandmother) used to whistle all of time, you are pretty good at it.

    • OMG! I grew up eating “Eggs A La Goldenrod”. We didn’t add all the extras in the sauce, just egg and we poured ours over toast instead of biscuits. I never knew where this came from but found it in only one cookbook?

      I love Baklava, too, but have never made it myself. Craving some now.

  14. I just celebrated Chinese New Year with my husbands family. Asian desserts are typically not so sweet. I love to shock them with my super indulgent American and classic French desserts!

    • Well Lenora my kids father is also Asian and he introduced me to the wonderful world of their sweet treats. Like you said they contain hardly any sugar. I made a Japanese Cheesecake last week and it was to die for. All my sugary sweet American friends were clamoring for it. There are several recipes on Pinterest. You must check them out.

  15. I am borne and raised in California, so I eat anything and everything lol.

    However my mothers line comes from Elisabeth McCoy. Yes, from the Hatfield and McCoy’s out of the Ozarks mountains of Kentucky. As following in mother footsteps I cook what has been showed to me for all my life.
    We have a lot of cornbread, fried potatoes, and beans of different types. Fried eggs, bacon side with biscuits and gravy.

    On every January 1st we must have Black Eyed Peas. Mother and Grands get so anxious if they don’t see the bag of peas near the end of December. I am told that this is needed for a prosperous year. Not so sure about that, but I have had those Black Eyed Peas for 65 years now

    • Kristen you are really something with that guitar and now whistling to boot! Geesh so much talent.
      Ok so by my name you can tell I’m a wee bit Irish, but there is also Belgium and Romanian in me blood. Isn’t it great that the world’s best Chocolate is in my DNA! Corn beef n’cabbage for food tradition not exciting I’m afraid. Your Baklava looks amazing!

  16. Yea, I won!! Thank you so much!!!!

    Great job pronouncing the name, very close! Instead of the “chia” sound, it is like the car, “kia” sound 🙂

    You are making great strides very quickly with the guitar, I’m impressed!

    Is it a type of baklava? I make that, but I only use walnuts in mine.

    The last name is Italian, although I am all Irish! I don’t really have any Irish dishes that I make…bit does Green Beer count (I make that for St. Patricks Day Haha)

  17. Congratulations on your guitar and whistling! You are making amazing strides!!
    I made baklava for the first time this last December – my husband’s favorite dessert! Yours looks better than mine did LOL I love the pistachios!