Video: Drumroll!

I’m making an announcement.
I’m seeking your advice.
I picked a winner!
I’m doing another giveaway.
I’m playing you my first two licks on the guitar.

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Drumroll! — 25 Comments

  1. Yay! Thank you! We always need more stars at the bakery! Everyone will get a gold star this week!

    Congrats on your new path, sounds very fun!

  2. Great update!! And you’re strumming on the guitar! Keep up the good work! you can do it!!

  3. Oh my goodness you have been so busy keeping those resolutions! Everything looks great, and sounds great (awesome guitar playing for your first week)!!!
    Ok so my favorite children’s book for artwork is The Rainbow Fish because there isn’t a space that is not filled with color and a touch of metallic really makes it special. Good luck I know it will be Amazing because you are so so talented!

  4. Your gingerbread castle looks AWESOME!! Haven’t seen something like that before. I think your children’s book will be awesome!! Looking forward to it. Wish my daughter was young enough but she is now an almost teenager and into different books. I’m trying to remember the favorite picture books but I do remember Jan Brett books–they were stories within stories. Said so much to the kids and the illustrations were wonderful!

    Looking forward to your next blog :)!

  5. Sweet, amazing gingerbread castle! Love the cobblestone look. My favorite children’s books are Eric Carle’s because of the beautiful painted collage tissue paper technique he uses for entertaining illustrations and delightfully simple but imaginative story lines. Keep on strumming!

  6. Your guitar playing is coming along…I think a good mix for a children’s book is a nice mix of pictures and text, but to keep the text short…at bedtime, you don’t want a loooooooong story! The house looks amazing!

  7. You are doing great on the guitar. I love your gingerbread castle. I will have to try to make one.

  8. My favorite picture books from way back is Dr. Seuss. I am just learning to work with gingerbread love it. You make watching your videos enjoyable

  9. My girls would LOVE a book about baking!!! I’m excited for you going on this journey!! You did great on the guitar!

  10. Thank you for the entertainment and the music. For one lesson you are good. I would love to be able to enter your contest but I live in CANADA. Have friends that I can send prize to in the states if it is allowed. xoxo

    • That works for me! Consider yourself entered, Heather! I do so wish I could make the giveaways more widely available, if even just to our wonderful neighbors in Canada but I can’t do international shipping costs right now.

  11. Adorable!!! Craftsy better watch out, because your videos are hella entertaining!!

    Congrats on your awesome guitar playing!

  12. I enjoyed your video, but you might want to read the text that is printing out as you are speaking. Somethings don’t really matter, but I am pretty sure you didn’t say “penis” during your video.

    • Maybe I did say penis…maybe it was subliminal messaging…
      Just kidding. Thank you for mentioning this! I had no idea. I’m not sure if I want to change it though…it could be part of the entertainment.