The Letter M

M Baking and Culinary Terms Alphabet Blogging Challenge

M is for more please! That’s what I hope you’re thinking as you read these posts. Learn more about the A-Z April Blogging Challenge here. All beginning with the letter M, I give you photos of my culinary career creations.

Mini Pastries

Mini Pastries Petit Four

At a catering company where I once worked, I often made different sized orders of mini pastries for private and corporate events. The trick was incorporating the regular and seasonal dessert menus into bite-sized form, taking advantage of the opportunity to utilize spare ingredients. The fun part was coming up with all the cute decorations.

Mocha Sandwich Cakes

Chocolate Sandwich Cakes

These mocha mousse sandwich cakes are topped with chocolate ganache, micro chocolate chips, a dollop of chocolate frosting, and a classic piped chocolate garnish. I designed them for a product development pitch.

Mocha Pecan Mousse Tortes

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

This was a popular seller at one bakery where we produced a high volume of scratch cakes. The cake layers inside are chewy like candy, containing only eggs, sugar, butter, pecans, chocolate, a very low quantity of flour, and vanilla. In between the cake layers is a thick center of mocha mousse. The cakes are enrobed in chocolate glaze, decorated with toasted pecan granules, buttercream rosettes, and chocolate espresso beans.

Marbled Chocolate Wedding Cake

Blue Marble Wedding Cake

This regal wedding cake wrapped in modeling chocolate has a video tutorial on How to Marbleize Modeling Chocolate.

Modeling Chocolate

Modeling Chocolate Tutorials

Of course I couldn’t cover the letter M without mentioning my specialty in modeling chocolate. In 2013, I was the first author to publish a full-length book specific to this topic. It was truly an adventure testing, troubleshooting, and trailblazing what is now a universally known cake decorating medium.

Motorbike Cake

Motorcycle Cake

This was a fun cake that I made for a birthday party of a cycling/motorcycling enthusiast. It is frosted with chocolate buttercream, dripping with chocolate glaze, and decorated with a modeling chocolate bike. Here is the link to read my 3D Motorbike Tutorial.

Monument Wedding Cake

Ancient Monuments Cake

This 3D sculpted stacked wedding cake was made to resemble three ancient monuments including the Colosseum, the Parthenon, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. The bottom two tiers are frosted with smooth buttercream frostingmodeling chocolate and piped chocolate decorations. The top tier is made of gingerbread cookies and royal icing. Instructions on how this cake was made are in the book, Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate.


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