The Letter L

L Baking and Culinary Terms Alphabet Blogging Challenge

L is for late at night. That’s when I do my best blogging. Learn more about the A-Z April Blogging Challenge here. All beginning with the letter L, I give you photos of my culinary career creations.

Lemon Crumble Cakes

Lemon Cakes

These lemon crumble mini cakes are drizzled with lemon frosting and decorated with a buttercream rosette and candy lemon slice.

Lemon Mousse Cakes

Lemon Mousse Cakes

Lemon is one of the most popular and standard bakery cake flavors. Sweet and tart, it has a fresh pop to its taste.This particular line of lemon mousse cakes has vanilla sponge cake with layers of lemon curd mousse in between. They are frosted with Swiss meringue buttercream, decorated with white chocolate shavings and piped rosebuds.

Lemon Curd Flowers

Lemon Mousse Cake

Here is another decoration for the same lemon mousse cake shown above. On a different year, we decorated the cakes with a crown of flowers, each with a dot of lemon curd in the center. Lemon curd makes a lovely decoration on the tops of cakes because of it’s strong yellow color, natural shine, and perfect piping consistency.

Individual Lemon Mousse Cake

Here is yet another variation of the lemon mousse cake product line shown above. This is an individual cake built in a ring mold with acetate around the sides. There is a circle of cake on the bottom and a thick layer of mousse on top.

Lemon Bar

Lemon Shortbread Bar

I baked many racks of lemon bars with shortbread crust at one particular bakery. The challenge was in not spilling the liquid contents as we rolled the racks to the convection ovens. These bars were delicate and crackly on top. We finished them with a particular type of snow sugar that unlike confectioner’s sugar, never dissolves.

Leopard Print in Modeling Chocolate

Chocolate Leopard Print Cake

One of the great things about modeling chocolate is how you can inlay it with patterns. Go here to see my video on How to Make Leopard Print Chocolate. Instructions on how to form the roses are in my book, Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate. You might also enjoy this: Chocolate Cake Writing Video

Letter to Santa

Letter To Santa with Cookies

I still have the letter that I wrote to Santa thirty-something years ago. Read what I wrote and see what I wanted for Christmas here.


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The Letter L — 4 Comments

  1. L is for Ladybug Cakepops!
    I’m going to give your leopard print inlay technique a try. I love how yours came out

  2. L is for lovely roses. My husband doesn’t like lemon which kills me. I love lemon everything!