Modeling Chocolate Circus Stripes

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

Here is a video tutorial demonstrating how to decorate a cake with colorful strips of modeling chocolateThis is an easy design idea that can be used to dress up birthday cakes, kid’s cakes, or special occasion cakes. Some of you may have already tried this type of design using fondant. This example shows how it can also be accomplished using tasty modeling chocolate.

Lace Garter Belt Cake Wrap

In the video, the chocolate rolling process is sped up. Follow this link if you want to learn more about it >> Videos on how to roll modeling chocolate.

VIDEO: Modeling Chocolate Circus Stripes

The wedding cake that’s featured in the video is frosted in smooth buttercream and decorated with modeling chocolate, piped chocolate, jelly beans, malt balls, and chocolate covered nuts.  It is also a topsy turvy cake.

Sample the book
Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

TIP: Before decorating, lay a round piece of parchment paper on top the frosted cake that is equal in size to the cake that will be stacked on top. This will make it easier to trim away and re-purpose the extra modeling chocolate that is left over. Leave the parchment paper circle on the cake for assembly too; It will make it easier to disassemble the tiers later on because it will prevent the buttercream frosting from getting stuck to the tier above.

Step by Step Instructions

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

Cut the rolled modeling chocolate into strips and begin laying them on the cake one color at a time, spacing each color out. Keep the strips covered in plastic wrap when not in use. This helps them remain soft for bending around the cake.

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

Make sure each piece is lined up with the bottom of the cake before folding it over the edge. Pull the strips snugly around the cake.

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

Modeling chocolate naturally sticks to the cold surface of buttercream frosting so nothing is needed to help it stay. For the first few seconds, it remains possible to slide the strips around or rearrange their position but after that, they will harden into place on the cake (as long as the cake is cold). Modeling chocolate can still be peeled off a cake later on but it might take some buttercream with it or leave residue behind.

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

Trim any excess modeling chocolate off the top of the cake. Note that wood dowels were already inserted into this cake as stacking supports. You can see them faintly underneath the parchment paper circle.

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes
When the stripes are complete, return the cake to the refrigerator until it’s time to assemble all the tiers.

Lace Garter Belt Cake Wrap

Scroll down for links to more tutorials related to this cake design.  Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

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Modeling Chocolate Circus Stripes — 6 Comments

  1. I have this cake decorating book and it is amazing!!! You will never go back to fondant again. The modeling chocolate not only looks gorgeous it tastes great!!!

    • Boa noite kareen Guiboux, sou brasileira, confeiteira. Quero mudar para essa técnica do chocolate modelado, não posso adquirir o livro para aprender as técnica,(sem tradução) preciso da receita do buttercream frosting sem ele não será possível usar chocolate modelagem.Você pode me enviaria essa receita? Uma vez que você tem o livro. Obrigada