Gingerbread Cookie Cars

Gingerbread House Car Template

Beep beep! I’m driving my gingerbread cookie car to work today.

Gingerbread House Car Template

The trick to making a gingerbread cookie car is to first think about what kind of vehicle you would want to drive around in if you lived in gingerbread land.

Gingerbread House Car Template

Instead of being rimmed with metal, gingerbread cookie cars are rimmed with royal icing.

Gingerbread House Car Template

Headlights and tail lights can be made out of button candies. To make DIY button candy, pipe dots of colored royal icing onto parchment or wax paper then let them dry overnight. If you are a good piper, you can pipe them right onto the car parts. Just be sure to let all car parts dry completely before assembly.

Gingerbread House Car Template

See my choo choo train post for more information about wheels.

Gingerbread House Car Template

The best thing about driving a cookie car is that when you get into a cookie car fender bender, you can just eat up the mess!

Gingerbread House Car Template

Get the Free Gingerbread Cookie Car Template  Gingerbread House Car Template

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