FREE Gingerbread Car Template

Gingerbread House Car Template

Here is an easy gingerbread cookie car design that you can customize with candy and decorations. Scroll down to get the free printable template.

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Gingerbread House Car Template

Piped Royal Icing Headlights

Gingerbread House Car Template

I made the headlights and tail lights out of royal icing, which I piped onto parchment paper like dot candy.

Cookie Wheels

Gingerbread House Car Template

I cut the wheels out of a thick slab of gingerbread house dough. I think this design would look better with swirly hard candies as wheels though.

Icing the Car Parts

Gingerbread House Car Template

Here’s what the blue car’s parts looked like, iced.

Gingerbread House Car Template

Assembling & Decorating the Cookie Car

I attached the wheels to the car’s body with royal icing then let them dry sideways.
Gingerbread House Car TemplateI piped around the seams with royal icing to neaten them up.
Gingerbread House Car Template
Once complete, I anchored them to the platform with a pool of royal icing.
Gingerbread House Car Template

This design is part of my
Winter Gingerbread Village
Gingerbread House Village

Free Printable Gingerbread Cookie Car TemplateGet the TemplateGingerbread House Car Template

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Gingerbread House Decorating and BuildingGingerbread House Car Template

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Gingerbread House Car Template

Gingerbread House Car Template



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